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Howard is going to Sirius. Heres what O&A think

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Talk' started by fstick, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. fstick Full Member

  2. Pussah2 Full Member

    thanks man
  3. Austinchota Full Member

    I thought that they died in an Anal-Eaze accident??? :D

    "That's why we gave up on broadcast radio..."

    Right. Keep telling yourself that... ;) :rolleyes:
  4. Kang Full Member

    just curious, anyone know how much XM radio stock went up when OandA made their announcement?
  5. oldpaddy Full Member

    So is Howard gonna comment on O&A? Why doesn't he start a war with them? Please don't tell me Howard is afraid of them.
    These guys suck, I didn't care for them on waaf in Boston and after listening to them in this clip I still don't understand the draw. The only time I've found them funny was when one of them was a contestant on Howards show years ago.
  6. chrisnorton Full Member

    howard doesnt' need to start a war with those guys, they may have had ratings in new york but they haven't spread as far as howard yet and they never will

    i've listened to some of their stuff on xm and i think it blows, personal opinion only
  7. stern97

    stern97 SFN Gold Supporter

    Let's see... O&A on XM sat radio... Howard on Sirius... wonder what will happen? ;)

    My guess would be total fucking domination. But that's just me. Damn, I gotta wait two whole days to get my Sirius groundstation gear. :(
  8. jerrybobphil Full Member

    thanks for the clip
  9. JoeyBoots HATER

    They are so unlistenable....fake laughter/shitty callers. :hw:
  10. edbite Full Member

    XM stock is down over a dollar today so far
  11. vmanv Full Member

    good to hear them again
  12. morrissey Full Member

    They're bustin' out American Nightmare right now doing Howard impressions...kinda funny....
  13. Kang Full Member

    good point, lame ass callers

    "I learned today that blah blah blah something unfunny blah blah
  14. oldpaddy Full Member

    After reading this post it drove me to write my first post on HSBB. I've been a member since HSBB first allowed registration, but I've never felt the need to post until now. It's pretty much the same post as I wrote here.

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  15. mayorjuana Full Member

    I never realized they sucked so much, i never listened before but with the following I just figured they must be somewhat good. Pretty funny howard just flushed them and XM radio down the toilet today.
  16. oldpaddy Full Member

    I used to have to listen to them years ago because the guy who gave me a ride to college listend to them. I don't think they're funny. Howard on his worst day is funnier than they are on their best day.
    Other than one time I can't remember Howard mentioning them. So what are you talking about?

    On another note, I like how O&A kept ragging on Howard because he may have a subscription to XM and listens to them. They obviously listen to Howard, since they made some comments on what he's said recently. What's up with that?
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  17. mayorjuana Full Member

    Too bad because Jim Norton is tied with them, he;s a funny dude. But fuck all them
  18. BigTitsMan Full Member

    Remember when HP Eric threatened to blow the fuckers up? Man, I wish he would've gone through with it.
  19. dee bo Full Member

    O&A are horrible the couple of times I listened to them. Can someone explain to me why they are funny???
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  20. BigTitsMan Full Member

    I hope Opie and Anthony die of AIDS and crotch rot.

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