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Howard is pro- Gun Control.

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Jeton, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Jeton Full Member

    today Howard fully revealed himself to be a supporter of restricting the right to keep an bear arms. he has previously hinted that, but the way he cut off the caller who confronted Maddow was unscrupulous...he cut the guy off 3 times, indulges Maddow's less-than-fully-thought-out responses, and as the caller responds Howard barks "let her finish!" n cuts him off again!

    most disgusting was when Howard used the example of the FCC(!!) limiting his First Amendment freedoms as justification for limiting the 2nd Amendment freedoms of all Americans. i remember ALL of Howard's 1990's rants about being censored by the Government, and how the FCC had essentially blackmailed Infinity into staying OUT of Federal Court...or never have another station-acquisition be approved again.

    20 years ago Howard cried out for his day in Court to defend him freedom, now he holds up his oppression as an example of what Americans must and should endure!


    well, at least this erases all ambiguity about Howard's 2nd Amendment position: as a rich, beloved media figure, HE deserves a concealed-carry permit, and most NY'ers can fuck off. the Founding Fathers can fuck off too, no sense ever being able to fight off the Federal Government...Big Brother knows best. Big Brother always has.

    We have ALWAYS been at war with Oceania. :cool:
  2. WillyBest Full Member

    Howard is pro condom use, too!
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  3. Farticulator Full Member

    I"m pro late term abortion in Jeton's case.
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  4. HeyItsAdam Full Member

    I was thinking the exact same thing during Adam's call (that was not me, by the way). Maddow said that she was for "reasonable" gun control measures. Who's reason? Exactly. Since we're going to talk about the FCC, we can compare that to the FCC's mantra of hiding behind the "public's best interest" when it comes to determining what content is offensive and what isn't. It's way to broad and general.

    I'm for allowing law-abiding citizens to own firearms. I'm all for large magazine counts too, and why? Because my wife isn't a good shot.
  5. CowboyX

    CowboyX Closed by User


    Howard held a vigil for Bernie Goetz.
  6. djenkin8 Full Member

    I'm hoping everybody knows/remembers that Howard is a Gun Owner and acually carries around his Gun when he's walking around in the city without his bodyguards/Ronnie.He doesn't seem the need to carry multiple rounds of ammunition and guns like these die hard NRA conservatives need to do.
  7. Farticulator Full Member

    Go shoot yourself please.
  8. Jeton Full Member

    good points.
    Howard was once a calculated populist...his accumulation of "fuck-you money" has brought out his True Feelings.
    no one knows how often he really carries, but we all now know he's ok with being one of teh few NYC'ers allowed to carry...:whistle:
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  9. boeing46 Full Member

    What's good for the goose is not good for the gander. Howard has gone to Hollyweird with both feet. He gets a gun and a carry permit but believes the rest of you New Yorkers shouldn't.
  10. NachoGrande Full Member

    Howard is pro gun control for everyone, but him. He's rich and as a result he has the ability to get a CCW permit in NY, which is impossible for the common folk. Just like Maddow, she's okay to go shoot an AR15, but doesn't want anyone else to have one.

    Wait am I on the same side as Jeton on something... Shit, I hope I'm not getting gay.
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  11. Farticulator Full Member

    It is fucking weird isn't it? Jeton is a useless piece of shit, but for once may have stumbled across a coherent thought.
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  12. WillowGlen Full Member

    She actually said she shot an AR-15 ONCE and she saw no need for machine guns or a 30 round clip. There are countless AR15s all over the country that don't fire full auto and have 10 rd mags including the one in my safe at home. You don't know what she fired and even if the experience herself is what formed her opinion. At least its coming from someone who shot a gun as opposed to the normal anti gun douchbags that cant tell a .40 USP from a rocket launcher.

    But by all means don't let the facts get in the way of your argument.

    And Howard's CCW is complete bullshit. Howard NEVER carries his gun with him. If he did he would have dropped it on 5th ave when he was running in fear from the bum that spit on the amaaaaazing one. The midget in the limo applied for a CCW years ago and got shot down so Boff applied one under his name to allow one to be in the limo. When Boff isn't in the car it is unloaded and locked in the trunk.

    As probably one of the few people (if not only) person on this board that not only has a CCW as well as having been shot it cracks me up to see people like the pole smoking welfare case quote NRA talking points and pretend that they have a clue.
  13. NachoGrande Full Member

    The second that they start protecting the president or congress with only 1 handgun holding only 10 rounds I'll be okay with gun control. Last time I saw the president roll through there was no less that 10 snippers and I'm sure there was a bunch that I didn't see.
  14. rolltide

    rolltide SFN Gold Supporter

    ^This.......... and Howard is now a complete hypocrite and should lose every bit of credibility he ever earned.

    Who was once the voice for the common man, now has become "The Man"
  15. qb123 Full Member

    Howard is and has always been a limousine liberal.
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  16. CowboyX

    CowboyX Closed by User

    You fucking hillbillies are hysterical. Howard doesn't go out looking for trouble chasing people down.

    Call the police if you see trouble and mind your own business.
  17. WillowGlen Full Member

    You should remember that when you start claiming that you need it for "self defense" or to "protect your family" Since those guys who are the most heavily armed and best trained protection force in the world have had more than one President shot on their watch.

    And the "Snippers" as you call them are usually armed with custom made JAR's (Just another Rifle) that hold less than 10 Rds.

    Again. Don't let actual facts get in the way of your inane argument.

    Correct. He runs from it like a little girl leaving his wife alone to face it.
  18. DaSitch Full Member

    Howard the hypocrite carries a gun but thinks everyone else shouldn't have that right?

    What a shock.
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  19. DaSitch Full Member

    Semantics. In the words of Dice Clay "Either you suck dick, or you do not suck dick"

    Either you have the AIDS or you do not have the AIDS, there is no "good AIDS" or middle ground.
  20. Jeton Full Member

    :jj: oh shit, GI Joe has been multing out on SFN! hey asshole, since ur the only person on Earth who has a CCW AND has been shot, can you further explain for us why we should be happy to lose a basic freedom written out plainly over 200 years ago? especially since our Supreme Court only recently ruled (twice) in a strong defense of that freedom?

    thank asshole. next, tell us why u should be King of Earth. we promise to campaign for u. :cool:
  21. Douchebag_AZ Full Member

    The presidential limo has mini machine guns built into no joke.
  22. Jeton Full Member

    wrong n stupid, as always. ;)
  23. DaSitch Full Member

    I take it you cant see the AIDS with your head in the sand huh?
  24. Jeton Full Member

    ^^ Dice Clay 2012, people.

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