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Howard is pro- Gun Control.

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Jeton, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Douchebag_AZ Full Member

    Its already like that. Here in AZ anyone can carry a concealed weapon.. I dont know how many time I been to the local Home Depot and see a cholo with a pistol on his hip bulging out under his t-shirt.. I saw some dude in Best Buy with a shoulder holster on and two pistols just waving under his arm..And theres always a road rage shooting about every day.
  2. AppIeclipse

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  3. AppIeclipse

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  4. Jeton Full Member

    enjoy ur irrelevance to American politics...ur little word-games were buried in the 2000 Presidential election and remain worm-food. ;)

    perhaps there's an AIDS jpeg that would make ur point better?
  5. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    You must have some good smoke:D
    I get the paper daily and read a bunch of local online news and rarely hear about road rage, especially involving shootings. Besides our local brothers shooting up rap concerts and the beans shooting each other at house parties, we are pretty tame.
  6. DUKA Full Member

    Howard is a fraud on the radio. Anything he says on his show that is political cannot be taken seriously on any level. He knows if he comes out conservative on any issue he is going to piss off all the "Beautiful People" he has befriended in the past 5-10 years. He know longer says what he really thinks. When it comes to politics anyway. IMO
  7. AFSternFan Full Member

    A military issued M16/M4 shoots a 3 round burst and has a 30 round magazine. An AR-15 is sold as a semi-auto single shot rifle. Not that much of a difference. Gas powered, air cooled, blah blah blah miltary speak. I don't see why WillowGlen is making such a big deal about all of this. (Douchebag_AZ, just quoting your post b/c you were the last person to post about the gun.)
  8. Morrisb Full Member

    So what. I'm gun control too. Conservatards, don't fire unless you aim it at yourselves.
  9. Jeton Full Member

    willowglen is trying to attack Gun Rights but lacks the balls to do so explicitly, so he has to take a detour into beating his cop-got-shot chest with irrelevant digressions n desperate insults.

    displeased to meet ya, gun control...i'm Gun Rights, and i wipe my ass with u.

    "conservatards" = "libtards" = failed newspeak sisboombah.
  10. Il Gatto Full Member

    Mexico...maybe a little too "Fast and Furious" for the hispanic protectorates or countries. Want to touch that controversy 2nd Amendment haters?
  11. ssgunner Full Member

    The japs in ww2 even knew they could not invade the main land U.S.A. for behind every blade of grass would be a gun. Not my words it came from their leaders.
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  12. kanamit Full Member

    The second amendment:

    A well regulated Militia,
    being necessary to the security of a free State,
    the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
    shall not be infringed.

    Regardless of the fact
    that this does not even fit the definition
    of a sentence in the English language,
    there is no consensus as to what it really means.

    What are arms? Weapons?
    Does an individual citizen have the right
    to keep and bear the same weapons as the government?

    The US military, under the order of the President,
    has the authority to use any kind of weapons in existence,
    including nuclear missiles launchers.

    Do you really think you have the right to whatever weapons you want?
  13. Tom from T.O.

    Tom from T.O. Closed by User

    This has been interpreted by the courts. The right to bear arms in its historical context at that time was for the people. They had to apease the states who were nervous about a federal government, so they guaranteed this for the people, people who owned land and had the right to vote. It gave the people security, knowing the central government could not take away thier guns, their state militia, and thus they could always resort to arms as a back up, if necessary.
  14. emtfromny2 Full Member

    When Howard turns in his CCW and pistol i'll listen to his rants about gun control.
  15. Morrisb Full Member

  16. mikesbandit Full Member

    So, are you saying that we havent learned anything since the constitution was drafted?
  17. Jeton Full Member

    the structure and meaning of the 2nd Amendment was elucidated clearly in the 2008 Dc v Heller decision, and despite the desperate attempts by some to pretend it lacks clarity or that the 1st clause modifies that rest of the sentence, the 2nd is in fact written well within the bounds of grammatically correct 18th Century English. the central statement stands alone, colored but NOT limited by the opening clause.

    furthermore, there is no point at which Government is worthy of Ultimate Trust. i missed the National Referendum On Permanent Trust In Our leaders, and would never trust the results of such an effort.

    at the present time it is comfortably arguable that the US Military would suffer a crippling loss of command and control in the event of Open Tyranny, since many US Servicmembers would see to that. if that changes the rightful desire to neutralize every Government advantage will explode...that may mean
    neutralizing the nuclear arsenal in whatever way is doable.

    thanks, i'll keep enjoying political victory in this issue while u post pix about how smart n aloof u r. :)

    fail. i'm saying the 2nd Amendment is still the law of the land, and the only be repealed, not conveniently ignored. that attempt started just b4 WW2, and was neutralized forever in 2008. ;)
  18. AppIeclipse

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  19. AppIeclipse

    AppIeclipse Closed by User

    Jeton married a minor lawn maintenence specialist??

  20. Jeton Full Member

    how unsurprising that appleshelly has bestiality-scat pix ready for deployment. next he'll threaten me with his formidable piss-drinking abilities...:cool:
  21. delgado666 Full Member

    You Americans and your gun control, must be a Freudian thing.
  22. tmarkoski

    tmarkoski Closed by User

    Jeton, when you're right, you're right.
    First Howard loses his mojo and the show stops being funny.
    Next Howard loses his moral compass and becomes an elitist leftist who looks down on the audience
    who gave him everything he has today.

    Howard Stern's nonsense with Maddow comes right out of George Orwell's Animal Farm.
    To paraphrase, all are equal but some are more equal than others.
    His hypocrisy and ignorance knows no bounds.
    He revealed himself to be a shallow, poor excuse for a human being.

    My SIRIUS subscription gets cancelled today.

    My level of respect for Howard Stern == 0.0

    My level of respect for Jeton after his post == 10.0
  23. vetteish Full Member

  24. Jeton Full Member

    well, i'm sorry to hear that...for my part, i've always known Howard to be a hypocrite. as an artist working in the medium of longform broadcasting, it quickly became clear to me over 20 years ago that listening to him would bring wave after wave of it...that's part of being human. he continues to entertain me greatly, even as his career arcs into self-parody. less respectable than Robert Plant n more respectable than Mick Jagger in terms of artistic will.
  25. wozardking Full Member

    Best gun control: 2 Hands on the weapon, squeeze the trigger instead of jerking it.
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