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howard jerks to young girls, babysitters, rape fantasies (tied up), drugged (cloroform), ect...

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by ponder, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Hugh Blowmont Full Member

    Sal is the sicko, so sayith King of all Marbles.
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  2. Ryan_lever UnDead

    This thread will not end well.
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  3. nykobing Full Member

    I seriously always wondered if he married Beth because she sounded like a 14 yr old babysitter. He could have found another hot girl with a brain or something, but he picked her.
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  4. defhermit Full Member

    different strokes for different folks?

    thoughts aren't crimes yet, right?
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  5. Brown Jenkin Full Member

    he doesn't look at porn and I doubt he can even get it up
  6. mrblack66 Full Member

    ya the babysitter shit is a little creepy. dont think I would admit that on the air.
  7. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    Creepy indeed, but remember Howard is a "shock jock, " even if he isn't very shocking these days and this is probably just old Howard trying to be shocking. I think Brown Jenkin is probably right to some degree, I dont know why Howard wouldnt be able to get it up since he seems to be pretty healthy, I just dont think he is really jerking it to babysitter porn and then bragging about it on the air. Beth seems like the type of woman that wouldn't approve of much porn watching, especially babysitter porn.
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  8. Anarchist86ed Full Member

    Riiiight, like people here haven't slapped it to way worse then what Howard does.

    Who here has whacked to pictures of Justin Bieber? Fess up.

    Ya sick bastard...
  9. NVVA Full Member

    Howard used to like watching that porn I think called Brutal Master where the guy ties women who run from him to trees and in his basement where he proceeds to tortures them with electric prods.
  10. docPA Full Member

  11. bubbacr617 Full Member

    Bored with the trophy wife?...
  12. Slayer Full Member

    And? Sounds about right to me :D
  13. Slayer Full Member

    You won't admit to it, but you've probably jerked it to some babysitter porn, like most guys. Let's stop the fake morality people, there is way worse shit going on than anything Howard might be doing.
  14. Cyber Lip Full Member

    the 'babysitters' in babysitter porn are portraying 18+ yr olds, guys. They are playing post high school or college age girls. It's not mock child porn
  15. thedisconnect Full Member

    Howard's jerk stories are probably his most honest moments. I've jerked to all that and more.
  16. Mojopin Full Member

    Jerking to young girls!

    What a disgrace!

    news flash: Men think about young girls until the day they die.
  17. blaze42200 Full Member

    Very well said...Thats why the internet was invented to jack to weird shit!!!
  18. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    I jerk off to young girls because when I was young they ignored me and I have had no closure.
  19. crackfinger Full Member

    That you make a point of stating it makes me think you're lying.

    Go kill yourself. Quick. Before any more children suffer.

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