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Howard On Beating Woman

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Ryan_lever, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Ryan_lever UnDead

    First he begins by saying it is not ok to beat a woman but then does a 360 and says in some situations it is ok. Even if a woman kidnaps your kid I doubt a beating would help matters any.

  2. BaBaBigFan Full Member

    360 means saying the same thing; changing then coming back. 180 means saying the opposite.
  3. Tony Chaps Full Member

    It is true you should not beat a woman like a man. But if it is something like a kidnapping though you must do what is necessary.
  4. VA_siCkBoy

    VA_siCkBoy SFN Gold Supporter

    This will not end well.

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  5. MyNextMult Full Member

    fucking dipshit
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  6. Nig Dunlop Full Member

  7. there's no way this guy's IQ is over 80
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  8. Nig Dunlop Full Member

    I don't think it can be measured.
  9. Ryan_lever UnDead

    Obviously I am not retarded idiot If I graduated a normal school.
  10. Nig Dunlop Full Member

    You graduated from a normal retard school. Gary and Wendy think you are a loser. They "graduated you" because any further attempts to educate you were futile. You can't teach a fence post to think.

    You are a window-licker, and a bus seat chewer. Stop stealing oxygen from people.

    How did your thread go over at DS? :jj2:
  11. pic of diploma or it's bullshit
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  12. Mason7171 Full Member

    Cant help remembering him destroying chris brown for the same thing...
    "what i really wanted to do is talk about my album"
  13. Ryan_lever UnDead

    Dude I am 31 years old like I still have that but search Ryan Lever white pines sault ste marie and I should come up.
  14. Nig Dunlop Full Member

    ... or search Ryan Lever, fucking retard, and get many pages more results.
  15. max_headroom Full Member

  16. Nig Dunlop Full Member

    Ryan "fucking dummy" Lever
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  17. what? you don't have your high school diploma? haha, and your excuse is you're 31 years old?

    you're a high school dropout, which is no surprise

    fucking dope
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  18. Ryan_lever UnDead

    I graduated highschool you dumb shit get a life.
  19. does your welfare trash mother or your vagrant farm worker father have the diploma?
  20. Ryan_lever UnDead

    Ya it comes up told you

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