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Howard's Post Contract Rant

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by bluedevil30, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. bluedevil30 Full Member

    Seems that Howard still may have some fire left in him afterall. Heard the rant about potentially taking The Show elsewhere to crush Sirius after the contract is over. Where would he go? Pandora, DirectTV? Or is this a dumb threat to get the new Sirius mgmt to get him more money.
  2. Earl Turner

    Earl Turner Closed by User

    How does that saying go? Fool me once........
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  3. Siriusly? Full Member

    He really fooled everyone the first time...Billions of dollars have been made since 2005 because of the Stern Show moving to Sirius.. yeah, Howard really fooled everyone.
  4. jimmyritt33 Full Member

    I think he was referring to the listener. I for one will never follow Howard to another media that requires me to buy or subscribe to anything. He's not worth it to me anymore.
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  5. tom's cancer Full Member

    LMFAO...billions....good god. i guess that's why the company (ies) have teetered on the verge of bankruptcy and been essentially been reduced to a penny stock since stern signed.
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  6. bluedevil30 Full Member

    You are totally clueless about finance - Sirius/XM current Enterprise Value is $18.2 billion and not even close to bankruptcy. The concept works, the merger was a huge success and Howard is the only one complaining about his good fortune.
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  7. Siriusly? Full Member

    I'm afraid you have no clue what you are talking about. Yes, Billions... do some research you tool.
  8. SirLollipopMan

    SirLollipopMan Closed by User

    Sim cards...CHECKMATE!!!
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  9. kingjetorl Full Member

    youtube pay channels
  10. Canfan Full Member

    As jimmyritt33 said, I won't pay for Stern anywhere again. I'm done paying for his show. As for crushing Sirius, I think that ship has sailed. He isn't the juggernaut he once was, but I guess he'll have to leave to see if he does crush Sirius. With the lack of any sort of open/transparent ratings or measure being constantly released like with television or broadcast radio, I can't say what will happen, but I would bet on there not being any crushing in the future.
  11. LessMoonbeams Full Member

    Hows he gonna crush an entity that relies
    largely on car sales to grow their product? and
    btw doesn't have any 'ratings' per se that i'm
    aware of. :idk:
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  12. mrs hooknose Full Member

  13. Puncher

    Puncher Closed by User

    Arbitron ratings haven't been done since 2007..a year after Stern started..and those numbers were not exactly strong...especially after the monster numbers Howie pulled on terrestrial radio. I wonder why a ratings analysis has not been done for 6 years now. Maybe Malone will want to see some "real" numbers done by an independent company like Arbitron/Nielsen...I think when that happens, the Stern numbers will be a shock to him...or unless he knows something already. Regardless, Howie is calling for "changes"..reasons unknown for now.
  14. Uncensored Full Member

    The world has passed shows like Howard's by. With all the free options available to people now the market is too fragmented for any one show (especially a pay show) to draw a large audience. Young people are interested in dance music and pop culture shows, not the Munsters and classic rock. The shock jock format is a relic from the 80 and 90's and draws about the same audience as reruns of Home Improvement. There's no medium left for Howard to take his tired act to, although I wish he would, seeing him embarrassed and defeated would be classic karma.
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  15. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    What about a lovely dinner theater in Branson?
  16. Jackie's Laugh Full Member

    I love how you think that it's unbelievable Howard's listenership hasn't increased since 2007, despite the fact that the company had maybe a third of the subscribers it has now. You really don't think that any of the 15+ million subscribers SiriusXM has picked up since then are Howard listeners? I'd figure a sizeable chunk, otherwise they wouldn't have re-signed the guy to a deal comparable to his first. He continues to have the most popular channels on the service, you're not gonna get that designation with the same numbers you had 6 years ago. I'm not saying he's got terrestrial-era numbers, but to deny that there's a high probability his numbers have gone up is like denying the possibility of other life in the universe.
  17. Puncher

    Puncher Closed by User

    The lawsuit divulged interesting numbers you may not know about. The lawsuit showed that there are 12 million XM order to have access to Stern, an XM listener has to purchase the "Best of package". The lawsuit revealed that out of those 12 million, 700,000 had the "Best of Package". So no..Stern does not have all of XM's 12 million listeners.

    In 2007..Howie was pretty strong and had a really good show. He was probably attracting alot of subscribers. That same year, Arbitron did a ratings analysis and Stern had 1.7 million listeners cumulative a week for Howard 100/101...not daily..but cumulative. So if you do the math..that's 425,000 a day. So lets say that we toss in the 700K "Best of" listeners from XM..and you have Stern with 1.1 million listeners a day...and that is pretty liberal because that would mean EVERY "Best of" subscribers would have to listen to Stern. So now Sirius/XM has 23 million subscribers...liberally, we can say 1.1 million listen to Stern...that is 4%. Is that the "sizeable chunk" you speak of?

    So have Stern's numbers gone up since 2007? Who knows..until there is another Arbitron analysis done, we will never know. You ask why they signed him to another contract? I would say Mel had a big part in that..that was before Stern sued Sirius, and the Stern/Mel fallout began. Now Mel is gone, and Malone takes over..and all of a sudden "changes" are coming on February 5th. Why? Maybe Malone knows those "true numbers"..until they are made public, its all speculation. Regardless, Stern is on contract and I am sure it is pretty iron he is untouchable at this point.
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  18. Erleichda Full Member

  19. FrankieBNYC

    FrankieBNYC Closed by User

    Sirius has real numbers
    They charge advertisers based on that
    They felt Howard was worth 80 million for two channels per year
    They had both channels at a combine 8.5 million listeners 3 yrs ago (of course many listen to both)
    So they themselves had Howard at least 4.5 million unique listeners

    As I said many times the Arbitron ratings were shit & that is why they stopped. They were doing ratings for terrestrial and added on the bottom a write-in for Sirius and XM.
    Howard had 5x any other station & all of Arbitrons numbers came out to about 1/3 of the actual amount that listen to Satellite at that time

    Guess what 3x 1.5 million (H-100's arbitron numbers) is?
    4.5 million


    Of course those are real numbers & not Howie math (which is a lot higher) or Haterz math (which is a lot lower)

    I just read your ratings breakdown & that was wrong too
    It isn't per day listening, it is per week
    If someone listens everyday they are counted ONCE per week (not 5x)
    So someone could listen just once on H-100 during a week or everyday & be counted the same

    I understand how people get confused by that but when they say "daypart" (cume) they mean that part of the day (like mornings, afternoons, evenings) not daily
  20. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    5x? this is Howard we're talkin about here
  21. stefystef Full Member

    I agree. I won't pay to hear Howard again and if he goes back to terrestrial radio, he will be watered down, which is no fun either.
    Most of the people I know who listened to Howard in the past no longer do.

    I don't pay for Sirus anymore. It is actually a good product, but Howard attitude just makes it seems 2nd rate and it wasn't worth it in my budget.
  22. stefystef Full Member

    I think Howard's "argument" is that he is responsible for the merger between XM and Sirius and that he should get the bonus based to the EXISTING XM SUBSCRIBERS who were part of the merger.

    Those people did NOT quit XM to pick up Sirius, they stayed with their product. And even after the merger, if you were an XM listener who wanted to listen to Howard on Sirius, you had to buy a "Best of Sirius" package to get access to certain Sirius station (like "Best of XM" for Sirius Subscribers).

    Funny, I never hear anyone say how many XM subscribers added on the "Best of Sirius". Howard could argue he should get paid for those subscribers, but the number is probably much lower than Howard of Sirius expected, so they don't talk about it.
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  23. Folding Aces Full Member

    If you don't think for one minute that he is caught flat footed with Artie's return to the airwaves than you don't know Howard.

    Think about this...Artie quits his show and really needs to get help..which he kind of does..I have no idea Artie's level of sobriety..but in less than 12 months Artie has:

    An XM talk show centered around sports talk.

    The same show is syndicated to terrestrial radio nationwide.

    The show is adapted to fit TV for Direct TV subscribers at no additional charge.

    Artie is the center of a controversy concerning a 49'er making homophobic statements at the media days of the Super Bowl...he is the guy holding the mic while Culliver inserts both his feet in his mouth..

    Howard is losing his mind thinking about how the hell Artie left him and is reaching more people daily via the medium HE INVENTED!.
  24. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    Stern's contract was evidently unclear and poorly
    expressed so much so the judge kicked the suit out
    and exists now on appeal where i'm confident it will
    be given the few final nails and be put to rest once and
    for all.

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