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Hulk Hogan Tape Partially Released: Heather/Bubba's Bed

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Bob Loblaw, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. tigerblood Full Member

    Hogans dong is fucking huge.
  2. superchunk Full Member

    Im jacking off
  3. Siriusly? Full Member

    come on, close down the drive thru and tell your boss to get the McNuggets ready for a while.. you can do it!!!
  4. SGT. HOOKER Full Member

    Heather's body is good but she is a butter face..
  5. mega shmega Full Member

    Thats Bubba but i think the girls just some random whore
  6. The Butler Full Member

    Could be Janessa Brazil.

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  7. g0rd0 Full Member

    Think so too. She's a well known whore. Spent a lot of time at Bubba's house and Bubba plugged her internet porn site on his show a lot.
    The woman in the video looks shorter than Heather and appears to have a bigger ass and shorter hair.
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  8. Siriusly? Full Member

    ok, I will and when I do, I can get a shot of you making the fries.
  9. WillowGlen Full Member

    First of all let me say what a grainy POS video that is and that leads me to believe it was found later and not planned out at all.

    As was dissected and proven by the Dawgs saloon detective agency long ago it was definitely Bubba's bedroom. And now not only do we hear his voice but we hear him say he is going to go work "in his office" and Im pretty sure no one else has an office in Bubbas house.

    But I guess I'm alone in still not thinking its Heather. It doesn't sound anything like her and a lot like Janessa Brazil. And the girl in the bed has much rounder hips like Janessa and not like Heather. And I cant believe it was shot and released on purpose. Even a redneck hillbilly like Bubba would have a better quality camera. There's better quality equipment in cellphones, hidden teddybear nanny cams and auto back up cameras. It looks lik e footage on Tru TV that Leif Garrett and Danny Bonaduce should be making fun of

    I do however have a theory based on nothing but my own following opinions

    1. Its not Heather. Its Janessa or some other cricket Bubba picked up along the Fabrizi highway when Heather was out of town. Bubba would have no problem with anyone using the bed since the maid cleans it all up anyway.
    2. Both she Hogan had no idea they wer being taped at the time
    3. Bubba however did know because its his shitty surveillance system that Id be willing to bet is in there to see who was taking stuff out the bedroom mini fridge
    4. Heather found it and leaked it post divorce
  10. jimmyritt33 Full Member

    well thought out WG, I agree. Bubba is as redneck as they come but I cannot believe he would let his "bestest friend" bang his wife. and didn't Heather hire the same representation as Linda Hogan or something along those lines?
  11. The Butler Full Member

    Bubba had to pay, but nothing like the payday Linda Hogan got.
  12. WillowGlen Full Member

    Wouldn't have helped. Hogan went in blind with no paperwork and really didn't have that much money when they first got married. He married her back in 83 before Wrestlemania was a glimmer in anyone's eye right after Rocky III. By the time they divorce Hogan was making millions and I think she even gets a cut of whatever he makes in the future as well as a piece of his merchandising. I honestly thing that's why he stayed with her as long as he did. he new it would cost him a fortune.

    Bubba had an iron clad 80 page prenup going in.
  13. stefystef Full Member

    Yeah, you bet me to the punch! I saw Dlisted and had to check it out! I want to see the WHOLE tape.
    Could this be why Bubba and Heather divorced?
  14. The Butler Full Member

    I think he held on to future earnings, that's why she got so much. More than half.
  15. LovelyAphrodite Full Member

    Why is Gawker pretty sure that's Heather, but they call Bubba a "mystery man?" He's been on the radio for years! No mistaking that voice!
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  16. Leon Bear Full Member

  17. DrugDealer Full Member

    Oh my goodness!! Interesting!:eek: :showoff:
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  18. Leon Bear Full Member

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  19. DrugDealer Full Member

    Heather is smoking hot! :X3: She is something special, too bad it didn't work out with Bubba. :showoff:
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  20. Leon Bear Full Member

    Yea I know she's beautiful! I guess we really don't know what goes on behind closed doors.
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  21. Ryan_lever UnDead


    Hulk Hogan
    's leaked sex tape did NOT catch the wrestler with his pants down -- at least figuratively -- because TMZ has learned, he's already got his lawyers on the counter-attack, threatening to SUE if the tape isn't taken off the Internet.

    Gawker posted a minute-long clip of the sex tape on its website yesterday -- but sources close to Hogan tell TMZ, it won't be up for long ... because Hogan's currently drafting a nasty cease-and-desist letter to the website, demanding the footage be taken down.

    Hogan's claiming the site has no right to post the footage -- and if it doesn't remove it, he'll sue.

    Hulk's lawyer David R. Houston tells TMZ, "This tape was made secretly without Hulk's knowledge or permission. We are going to do everything in our power to figure out who did it. Anyone displaying the tape will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law."

    As we first reported ... the Hogan tape was being shopped around to the highest bidder beginning earlier this year. Screen grabs hit the Internet in April, but video only surfaced yesterday.
    Gawker says it obtained the tape from an anonymous source -- who gave the footage to the site for free.

    As soon as news broke about the tape, Hogan immediately vowed to sue ANYONE who published it. Hulk's word is his bond

  22. Robins34Gs Full Member

  23. jimmyritt33 Full Member

    Bubba is the mystery man, but the female voice doesn't sound like Heather (although it could be her sex voice?) I need to hear Janessa Brazil. It could always just be some rat Bubba knew from 2001 or any other strip club. I kind of agree that I though Heather was much taller, but then again how can you tell ayghin from that footage.

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