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I Fucked a REALLY Ugly Girl Last Night

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by IlTruth, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. IlTruth Full Member

    And ya know what? It was some of the best vagina i've ever had.

    Nice body, but terrible face...bad hair doo and dye job, but good lord, her vagina was like Manna.

    To those of you on the fence about fuckin that ugly girl that likes you, I proclaimth...go forth and pound their will be surprisingly good.
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  2. Habit-Forming

    Habit-Forming SFN Supporter

  3. IlTruth Full Member

    I'd fuck that cat.
  4. DrugDealer Full Member

    So your implying you're good looking, right? Cause everybody here is good looking. Who knows maybe the broad you bedded didn't exactly find you that attractive to begin with.. :showoff:
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  5. IMAGOODONE Full Member

    ivar is gonna be so pissed you fucked nessie
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  6. porkerface Full Member

    A great body to me is a good looking chic. It means she takes care of herself. Only if the face is full of pus filled pimples does it really turn me off.
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  7. IlTruth Full Member

    I'm considered to be above average in looks, according to most women I know.

    This girl has been asking (beggin) for me to F her for about started as hints and progressed to "please come over and fuck me."

    So there =)
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  8. IlTruth Full Member


    I'm looking for someone who looks like the girl...but fuck me, if this chic doesnt look like bababooey
  9. IlTruth Full Member

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  10. acentx Full Member

    I go for quantity over quality.
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  11. IlTruth Full Member

    I'd typically take quality, but, i had a hole in my schedule and she texted why not.
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  12. IlTruth Full Member

    No joke. The one i fucked had normal eyes but her teeth were a lil worse. Not yellow or anything, just buck. Haven't seen buck teeth since like 3rd grade.
  13. neeland Full Member

    did she blow ya?
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  14. IMAGOODONE Full Member

    you never met skip huh
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  15. Dream Theater69 Full Member

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  16. IlTruth Full Member

    For a few mins, yea.
  17. spankysxxx

    spankysxxx SFN Gold Supporter

    How big were the tits?
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  18. IlTruth Full Member

    I'd say a small C, large B. Perky, very nice. Great ass too. It was just her face.

    And this really shitty tattoo she has almost ruined it but i concentrated elsewhere.
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  19. spankysxxx

    spankysxxx SFN Gold Supporter

    I'd fuck her even if she had dog shit smeared on her face ... She'd just better have DD or better.
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  20. IlTruth Full Member

    I prefer ass and legs to titties. Oddly enough, I was with one of the hottest girls i've ever slept with two weeks ago and she had tiny titties, A cups at best. But they were spectacular.
  21. KingofCanada

    KingofCanada SFN Supporter

    Hi DrugDealer. Where've you been? I've missed you so.
  22. 2thDK Got The Gay

    So you fucked KOC
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  23. KingofCanada

    KingofCanada SFN Supporter

    What? no.
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