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I need the name of a song....

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NoName, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. NoName

    NoName SFN Supporter

    I've been hearing this song and I can't find the name or the artist. The hook is like "rough tough kids..." It's like a pop song (I know, I know....I'm Gay, the song's Gay, people who listen to this song are Gay and this thread is Gay). The vocals sound like they have a lot of effect on them (Kinda muffled and distant). If anyone knows, I would appreciate it.
  2. asshat13 Full Member

    pumped up kicks - foster the people
  3. Swayze Full Member

    Two Princes
  4. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    the spin doctors
  5. NoName

    NoName SFN Supporter

    Nah dude!! Not the Spin Doctors...it's a new song.
  6. NoName

    NoName SFN Supporter

    ASSHAT!!! You are NOW off of my ignore list. Well done buddy. Welcome back to my heart.
  7. Swayze Full Member

    Little Miss Can't be Wrong?
  8. asshat13 Full Member

    fuck and please put me back on ignore faggot.
  9. Swayze Full Member

    Morris Day and the Time
  10. NoName

    NoName SFN Supporter

    Nope...you are now unignored. You did me a favor and I'm very loyal. NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE MY SEED LIKE A MAN!!

    Seriously, thanks!! It was killing me
  11. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    what time is it?....
  12. asshat13 Full Member

    also, if you like the band Weezer do a youtube search because they do a kick ass cover of that song
    NoName likes this.
  13. schmoopy72

    schmoopy72 SFN Gold Supporter

    asshat ruins everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why'd you give him the correct song?!?!?! :stomp:
  14. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    eye in the sky
  15. schmoopy72

    schmoopy72 SFN Gold Supporter

    Lets see what we have here....

  16. Swayze Full Member

    She's like the wind
  17. schmoopy72

    schmoopy72 SFN Gold Supporter

    Holy shit. You're into hip-hop too. :hih::poop:
  18. schmoopy72

    schmoopy72 SFN Gold Supporter

    You like that song and you went to a Eric B and Rakim concert? :confused:
  19. Swayze Full Member

  20. Captainqueeg

    Captainqueeg SFN Gold Supporter

  21. Swayze Full Member

    Are you talkin to me shit snaps?

    If so

  22. schmoopy72

    schmoopy72 SFN Gold Supporter

    The OP. :rolleyes:
  23. NoName

    NoName SFN Supporter

    I'm a complicated guy
  24. geodork Full Member

    foster the people suck.
    Apoc13 likes this.
  25. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

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