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I predicted what would happen to the Nick and Artie show over a year ago!!

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by evercll, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. evercll Full Member

    Look at this. Nov 9, 2011 I predicted that the Nick and Artie show would be canceled within a years time.

    Me on November 9, 2011:

    Mutt how do find my "btls is doing horribly bad in the ratings"-prediction thread from the old Bubba forum?
  2. John Daniels

    John Daniels
    SFN Staff

    Tell me what the Powerball numbers are going to be tomorrow night, then we'll talk.
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  3. evercll Full Member

    Did you ever make a prediction on this site?
  4. John Daniels

    John Daniels
    SFN Staff


    I predicted when Mutt made me a Moderator on this board, all the jerk off's and assholes would leave in record numbers.

    Right as rain..... :)
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  5. Head Censor Full Member

    Old adages about babies and bath water are suddenly springing to mind.
  6. evercll Full Member


    Now you can you find me and link my bubba thread where I talked about his ratings in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville? I'm like the mothereffing radio oracle around here.
  7. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    Ok, let's say you're right. What do are you looking for? A cookie? A trophy? Who gives a shit?
  8. evercll Full Member

    What did you ever predict here big guy?
  9. DUKA Full Member

    Well whoop de damn doo! Gold Star 4 u!
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  10. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    This board thrived on jerk offs and assholes, good job making the site less relevant.

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  11. msumark Full Member

    So is ther show canceled?
  12. LessMoonbeams Full Member

    Clear channel?
  13. John Daniels

    John Daniels
    SFN Staff

    Yet despite all...you're still here. Thank God we didn't alienate you too.
  14. evercll Full Member

    Where is the link to my Bubba thread?
  15. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    yeah im not going anywhere :thumbup:
  16. evercll Full Member

    Clear Channel owns Premiere radio networks.
  17. John Daniels

    John Daniels
    SFN Staff

    Lighten up Francis....I'm looking, I'm looking....sheesh!
    evercll likes this.
  18. John Daniels

    John Daniels
    SFN Staff

    While I'm looking, where are my goddamned lottery numbers?!
  19. evercll Full Member

    fifty five six twenty two seventy thirty five eighteen................ oh wait that was your measurements.
  20. John Daniels

    John Daniels
    SFN Staff

    Dude.....despite my best efforts, I coudn't find it. I found a shit load of O & A threads you started, but none about Bubba.

    Sorry.....I really did try.
    evercll likes this.
  21. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    Doesn't Artie get paid from Direct TV?
  22. Anarchist86ed Full Member

    I predicted the space shuttle was going to crash in 2003 an hour before it happened.

    No, seriously, I did. I woke up, the story was on the news, and I thought "that fuckin' thing's gonna crash". Knew for absolute certain.

    So, you and I are psychics! Let's join forces to win the lottery!!!!!!!
  23. evercll Full Member

    No. Direct TV pays Premiere radio for the rights to simulcast the radio show.

    Maybe Artie gets a bonus from Direct tv but Premiere/ Clear channel is his employer.
  24. evercll Full Member

    thanks for the effort. The thread is in the now closed Bubba section so I can't access it.
  25. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    All that is ever discussed or mentioned is Direct TV

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