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I think this is the photo of Jason Ellis & his wife where Artie called him a dork...

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Blue_Fisher, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Blue_Fisher

    Blue_Fisher Suicide by Mod

    and Ellis said "You mean the dork who's belt buckle you can see you fat prick?"

    HIs wife is pretty hot


  2. King Of All Chris's

    King Of All Chris's SFN Gold Supporter

  3. Blue_Fisher

    Blue_Fisher Suicide by Mod

    I would stuff her enchilada.
  4. MrBoulez Full Member

    • This user has been removed from public view.
  5. Goblin666 Full Member

    I banged hoes way hotter than her
  6. Goodfella1120 Full Member

    I loved how he described one of his ex-wives by saying if you get her drunk she'll suck your dick. I've dated a few like that....
  7. scuzzy warren Full Member

    junkie boy

    flounder tried a couple of times to go at ellis--got beat down both times and with his tail between his legs kissed royal ass at the end--what a fat pusay.:Banana56:
  8. Mr Fister Full Member

    I love Ellis, but that buckle is gay.
  9. Goodfella1120 Full Member

    There aren't too many that can go toe to toe trading insults with Artie. At least he recognized that instead of pushing further like he usually does. Ellis handled Artie quite well and he was a damn good interview.
  10. jrstinkfish Full Member

    The withering "I fucked your mother/sister" and "you sucked a dick" comebacks are pretty hard to bounce back from ..........
  11. Douchebag_AZ Full Member

    Ellis was well prepared he said in the interview he listens to the show everyday so he was well aware of Artie and had a good quick comeback everytime Artie came at him.
  12. Blue_Fisher

    Blue_Fisher Suicide by Mod

    Artie - "I smell dick, did you burp?" Theres no coming back from that razor sharp wit.
  13. DogStar69 HATER

    How long has she been a woman?
  14. chickenwings Full Member

    Holy not hot.

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