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I want to Fuck my wifes sister

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by drunkenredneck, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. drunkenredneck Full Member

    Seriously I am going fucking insane, she lives with us and she is a constant cock tease. Am I a complete douche for even wanting her
  2. Blue_Fisher

    Blue_Fisher Suicide by Mod

    Someone already took this bit
  3. drunkenredneck Full Member

    yeah this aint a bit, the chick is driving me to the point where I would rather piut a bullet in my head then deal with the sexual tension she gives me
  4. pi nate

    pi nate SFN Supporter

    No you aren't, but pics or GTFO!!!

    GUSHERMAN SFN Supporter

    I can't stand my wife's're much better off.
  6. Stevie

    Stevie SFN Gold Supporter

    Piut izz my tranny latino name...
  7. Online predator Full Member

  8. Slippy Full Member

    allow me to offer the wominz point of view...

    you should never have another piece of tail running around the house; even if its your sister shes still competition:yes:
  9. Smell Muhfinger Full Member

    She is testing you, if you try to fuck her she will tell your wife, and they will both live off the alimony. :ae:
  10. latin mami

    latin mami SFN Supporter

    It's human nature to be tempted,. As long as you don't act on would be wrong on so many levels.

    That's some Jerry Springer shit!!
  11. Captainqueeg

    Captainqueeg SFN Gold Supporter

    I guarantee you won't be the first guy to fuck the both of 'em. Ask your wife that question if you're man enough to hear the answer.
  12. TonyJax

    TonyJax Closed by User

    Invite both to the back room of the trailer and see what happens.
  13. Smell Muhfinger Full Member

  14. Dr. Fong Full Member

    Yeah me too. My wife's sister is 8 years younger and as cute as can be. Wish there was a way to make that happen.
  15. Billy Brown

    Billy Brown SFN Supporter

    GO FOR IT!!!!

    (I mean with the bullet, not your wife's sister)
  16. Online predator Full Member

    fixed it for you.
  17. Ignatius Reilly Full Member

    just commit yourself to accepting it. Having something hot being a cock tease around the house is better than not. Even if you aint fucking it
  18. Dr. Fong Full Member

    Hilarious. :FU2:
  19. Online predator Full Member

  20. Smell Muhfinger Full Member

    Is it funny because it's true? :ae:
  21. lao tzu Full Member

    if your wifes a cunt.....carry on...
  22. Online predator Full Member

    Put a pic up of them so I can jerk off to them.:jackoff::jerkit::jerk:
  23. BonswanaMiliken Full Member

    I know what you mean man. My wife's sister lived with us for a while to help out with my kids during my wife's last pregnancy. I had to look at my old lady pregnant while her younger sister is prancing around looking like my wife 10 years ago..
  24. HydroJoe

    HydroJoe SFN Supporter

    Your a weak, mark ass.......Nigga. Please, put a bullet in your head.
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