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I want to fuck Rachel Maddow

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by tsn420, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Gindaloonatic Full Member

  2. HeyItsAdam Full Member

  3. Doctor Ivan

    Doctor Ivan
    SFN Staff

  4. evercll Full Member

    I'll take that hot blonde broad with big boobs who is on the opie and anthony show over Maddow.
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  5. pghkev

    pghkev Closed by User

    Is this Chaz Bono??? Question Chaz, did you find Artie's impression of you as funny as I did?
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  6. fredtopper Full Member

    Agreed...I would like to take her gold star, although she probably has had dildos bigger than my cock. Talk about shrinkage!!!!
  7. FancyFeast01 Probationary Member

    She has a cute look, I'd smash.
  8. Purity Knight Full Member

    I thought fa-fa faker was keeping her off the Stern Show? lolz
  9. boeing46 Full Member

    She's all yours.
  10. skylarbrie Full Member

    her clean clit is very large, and is oddly shaped
  11. porkerface Full Member

    Reminds me of Richard Speck after receiving female hormone therapy in prison.
  12. Howard Stearn

    Howard Stearn SFN Supporter

  13. lycosucks Full Member

  14. RebelRobert Full Member

  15. AppIeclipse

    AppIeclipse Closed by User

    a certain vip feels sta sta stupid
  16. sylsupino Full Member

    +1 for a Richard Speck reference
    I'd be willing to bet 99% of the fuck tards on this site
    Don't have a clue who Richard Speck was
  17. porkerface Full Member

    Now they'll know who he is.
  18. relsh Full Member

    i want to make her watch the movie Dogville, over and over, clockwork orange-style.
  19. buckefilbert Full Member

    That's a man baby.
    That's a man baby.
  20. BRUTALrc Full Member

  21. mingmen Full Member

    would hit
  22. tmarkoski

    tmarkoski Closed by User

    Rush was right.

    Feminism is an excuse to help ugly women get laid.

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