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If Howard truly thinks a fetus is a blood clot,

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by joegeds, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. FuriousFunk Full Member

    So a newborn require the host ? I love how you people change the argument to something completely different because you know that you have lost the argument so you pick one that you think you can win. The problem you face is that no one is calling for the death of a newborn, that would be killing a baby. Killing a peanut sized brainless mass of cells is not killing a baby.
  2. dalsh327 Full Member

    But what's interesting is if you throw other factors in, some people become pro-choice really fast, or they'd to find ways to induce a miscarriage.
  3. joegeds Full Member

    Yes, a new born requires a host. If you have a baby and set it in the corner, it will die by the days end. Just like the fetus, it needs a host.
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  4. angrynewyorker Full Member

    Before birth it's not alive ie no soul life. At birth God imputes soul life and now the baby is alive. After the point of birth it's murder. Before birth it's not. U and I r soul life when we die our soul goes on into eternity and the body goes back to the dust of the earth where Adam was originally formed from.
  5. Jeton Full Member

    when its life is dependent on the womb of a woman who does not wish to carry it. full stop.

    however, from fertilization until death, it is a *human* *life*.

    "personhood" is nothing more than an intellectual construct serving the express purpose of deciding when it's socially permissible to kill a human life in-utero...and in some cases, post-utero. in the context of the uterus, "personhood" is literally nothing more than propaganda to make ending a human gestation more socially palatable.

    unfortunately, too many pro-choice advocates remain afraid to argue for "ownership of self" in a consistent way, so they must dehumanize and deanimate the gestating human...abstracting it into something easily destroyed.

    that approach (that is the theme of this thread) has NOT proven politically sellable in the last 40 years. in fact it has created a permanent Culture War that continues to endanger a Woman's Right To Choose. :cool:
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  6. angrynewyorker Full Member

    A fetus is biological life but it is not human life. Human life is the soul which is our being. The body is just a house for the soul. Don't confuse human life with biological life.
  7. angrynewyorker Full Member

    Bottom line on this subject is that everyone is just gonna have to agree to disagree. And that is what makes this country so great. Everyone is entitled to their opinion if its right wrong, or indifferent u can't think and say what you want, and that my friends is freedom.
  8. relsh Full Member

    love your abortion are torn between reason, and what a gay man/liberal..are supposed to profess.
    you are too smart to be uber-pro-choice (abortion for all in all circumstances).

    anything after month 5 is science and morality.
  9. Jeton Full Member

    :jj: so ur retreating to ur own personal religious interpretation, or do u make this claim based on a broader one? is it even worthwhile to bother asking u what SPECIES u consider the gestating human life to be, if not homo sapiens?

    ur sophistry is most weak.
    this post says nothing. we do NOT have to agree to disagree.
    u too easily reduce and simplify my position bcuz u drastically underestimate my commitment to self-ownership for all. i have always conceded that we, as all multicellular organisms, begin as a single cell typically representing the union of 2 gametes...and that, from then until death, we are living human beings with an intrinsic worth beyond the semantics of any philosophy.

    if ur life depends on sticking a straw in my jugular vein and sucking, i reserve the right to cut ur straw. so too with the unwanted pregnancy: no woman shall be an unwilling brood mare for society. that not all women understand the magnitude of their action does not affect their right to exercise the action of aborting an unwanted pregnancy.

    i have always agreed that the casual philosophical sophistry of some pro-choice advocates is horrifying and poisonous to any society that seeks both Freedom and Justice. these ideals are the apotheosis of Reason and Enlightenment, and my very birthright as a gay man and as a political progressive.

    conversely, u find it far too easy to pretend that most opponents of abortion are not also enemies of women's rights in general...but they are indeed so. manifestly and inarguably.
  10. Jeton Full Member

    abortion at 3 months= murder.

    abortion at 8 months = murder.

    capital punishment = murder.

    collateral damage in war = murder.

    killing an assailant with a weapon carried specifically for self-defense = murder.

    these r all murders that can and should be ably justified in a free society. a free and JUST society will seek to minimize these murders BY MINIMIZING THE **NEED** FOR THEM.

    minimize abortion = increased birth control.

    minimize capital punishment and self-defense killings = increased social interventions before some become assailants.

    minimize collateral damage = improved diplomacy and improved armament.

    birth control is opposed by those who seek to control sexuality. social interventions r opposed by those who advocate social Darwinism. improved diplomacy is opposed by the bellicose, and improved armament is opposed by pacifists.
  11. nearly.normal Full Member

    gotta love a bunch of know it all dudes arguing about what women should do with their bodies.

    What are you thoughts on tampon usage or douche choice?
  12. relsh Full Member

    you are the worst of the people who have an opinion on this. you sacrifice reason fro sloganism.
    "it a womans body/right" slogan bullshit is hilarious. women don't spontaneously get pregenant...the fetus isn't made simply from her genes.
  13. relsh Full Member

    we can argue "self ownership" if you like.
  14. nikkyo Full Member

    Some people on this thread suffer from Dunning Kruger effect.
  15. angrynewyorker Full Member

    Dude u look like your 12 yrs old and trying to use words to make you sound like u know what u r talking about. But at the end of your rants youve said nothing.
  16. FuriousFunk Full Member

    OK, I understand now, you're a complete and total blithering idiot. Do the world a favor and never share your opinions with anyone.
  17. angrynewyorker Full Member

    At the end of the day no one has any right to tell a woman what she can and can't do with HER body. It's a personal issue between a woman and her doctor. The government and any other a$$ hole with an opinion needs to mind their own business.
  18. angrynewyorker Full Member

    Oh and Howard is right. Santorum and Bachman r complete idiots ;)
  19. FuriousFunk Full Member

    and this matters how?
  20. joegeds Full Member

    I notice most of your responses trying to refute the facts are just name calling. Speaks volumes.
  21. angrynewyorker Full Member

    And people are gonna have to agree to disagree. I can't make u agree with me and u can't make me agree with u so yep it's agreed that we disagree
  22. FuriousFunk Full Member

    when it's full formed and has brain function unless of course it poses a risk to the mother or is deformed. a.k.a EXACTLY HOW 99.9% of abortions are done. You people can keep blathering your idiocy but the fact remains that you same idiots refuse to adopt the 8 MILLION unwanted children we already have and you want funding cut to the 11 million whose mother receives welfare so they can barely scrape by. Worry about the things you can do something about. Abortion is here to stay, if you don't like it then DON'T EVER HAVE ONE EVEN IF YOU ARE RAPED BY YOUR FATHER OR CHARLES MANSON.
  23. FuriousFunk Full Member

    You state no facts, only ignorant things. You are literally too stupid to debate since you do not know ANYTHING.

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