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I'm Eli Braden - Howard played 4 of my songs today

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by EliBraden, May 17, 2011.

  1. EliBraden

    EliBraden Well-Known Member

    HEY NOW - As a regular reader of SFN, I know song parodies aren't beloved by everyone around here! But I just wanted to let anyone who might be interested know that the 4 songs of mine Howard played today (along with every other parody song I've recorded for the Stern Show) are available for free streaming or download at the address below. THANKS!

    Eli Braden (P.S. more info on yours truly at

  2. krock intern Full Member

    awesome eli!

    Congrats, good stuff!
  3. salafibrigades Full Member

    Those songs rocked! Looking forward to checking out your site!
  4. gridlock'd Full Member

    Congrats. Who did you send your stuff to? How did you get it played on the air? Did you need a manager to get someone on the Stern show to listen to it?
  5. Hersh

    Hersh SFN Gold Supporter

    What a thing to brag about. Oh well, meet salafibrigades.
  6. EliBraden

    EliBraden Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys! And I'm not bragging - I'm just self-promoting!

    ...and actually, I was wrong before - Howard played not four but FIVE of my songs today; he also played my Lady Gaga parody before the news ... NOW I'm bragging :)
  7. dogcow Full Member

    "robin please blow me right now" was hilarious. however im kinda burned out on robin songs. at least u do some other ones too
  8. hbtonyb Full Member

    Funny songs.
  9. salafibrigades Full Member

    I've got some killer ideas for some song parodies, I'll email you some of them. Peace.
  10. biancas tick Full Member

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  11. Engaged Chicken Full Member

    I've always wondered who the weirdos are that write those songs. :D
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  12. GetThePoisonOut Full Member

    Robin Took Peyote and Farted = music excellence. Although I wish 'farted' could be replaced with 'died.'
  13. BenBas Full Member

    awesome! :bigup: Congrats!

    I write song parodies too!!
    sent lyrics to Richard and he loves them but can't produce as he's TOO BUSY???? :rolleyes: his latest one SUCKED btw....(the one Howard played yesterday)
    I wrote "I'm a CHess Papa" for Howard 2yrs ago and it's on the internet as the #1 stern song parody!! only NO ONE HEARD IT!!!! haha
    and "goodbye terrestrial radio"

    You SHOULD brag !! your songs were terrific!!!

    peace & love
  14. ArtiesButtCrack

    ArtiesButtCrack SFN Gold Supporter

    Congratulations on getting your songs played. That's a nice achievement considering how many entries they must get.
  15. xtxguyx Full Member

    those songs were really good. keep up the good work.
  16. gridlock'd Full Member

    What email did you use to reach Richard?
  17. GReenSTernDAy Full Member

    Fuck yeah, great work !
  18. gridlock'd Full Member

    Good job. Now answer my questions.
  19. Gindaloonatic Full Member

    I'm Bill Brasky and Howard played 5 of my songs.
  20. Mike in Houston

    Mike in Houston SFN Supporter

    I really liked "Robin Please Blow Me Right Now".
  21. lizardman Full Member

    The songs were great. Don't listen to those losers who still think they deserved to be a Stern Film Fest finalist :)
  22. LessMoonbeams Full Member

    How much were you paid? O that's right Howie gets all his material
    4 free from fans ........then sues the company for MILLIONS :sarcastic:
  23. bears_eat_beets Full Member

    love the songs way to go!

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