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Im gonna fuck my sister in law

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Call Me God, Dec 11, 2009.

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  1. BleedingUlcers Full Member

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  2. ItsBigForty

    ItsBigForty Closed by User

    I have fucked my sis-in-law many times.

    True story.
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  3. Vyb

    Vyb SFN Gold Supporter


  4. LonghornJ

    LonghornJ SFN Supporter

    Me too.
  5. ItsBigForty

    ItsBigForty Closed by User

    It just happened.

    Her and I have a lot in common plus she has a fantastic rack.
  6. ItsBigForty

    ItsBigForty Closed by User

    No, I didn't mean that kind of sister-in-law. I get what you are saying.

    What I meant is that I have fucked my brother's wife, silly.
  7. LonghornJ

    LonghornJ SFN Supporter

    While they were still together?
  8. ROBBY241 Full Member

    pics or gtfo
  9. ItsBigForty

    ItsBigForty Closed by User

    Unfortunately, yes.

    Not a proud moment. He was gone somewhere and her and I got all fucked up on wine and opium.

    It happened. This was many years ago. We don't fool around like that anymore. It ain't right.

    It was fun and I think she was a little frustrated as my brother wasn't giving her any.

    Basically I got used.
  10. ZosoHitler

    ZosoHitler SFN Gold Supporter

    Does your brother know about it? Or do you and the wife keep it a secret?
  11. ItsBigForty

    ItsBigForty Closed by User

    We do not speak of this and pretend it never happened.
  12. Namber

    Namber SFN Supporter

  13. LonghornJ

    LonghornJ SFN Supporter

    Now that's a great tit.
  14. LonghornJ

    LonghornJ SFN Supporter

    So how do you quantify "many times" like you said in your original post?
  15. 143Sal

    143Sal Closed by User

    Wow what a beautiful picture!
  16. OzMan Full Member

    Whenever my sister in-law gets drunk she gets very flirty with me and twice she has kissed me a little too long on the lips. She's my wife's brother's wife. I am pretty sure I could fuck her. Don't think it would be worth the hassle though. If it ever came out it would fuck up 2 families.
  17. dalsh327 Full Member

    And if you knocked her up, he would think it was his kid. And if he's shooting blanks, you'd probably be asked.

  18. deverrant Full Member

    My husband fucked my sister-in-law... no joke. But she wasn't his sister-in-law then. They were in high school and pretty much lost contact after he graduated. YEARS later she ended up marrying his brother.

    And she and I are now the best of friends. :)
  19. asshat13 Full Member

    i made out with my sister in law once. (my wife's younger hotter sister), she was out at the same place i was, we where both fucked up. this was years ago, and we both never talked about it again.
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  20. 16inch

    16inch SFN Gold Supporter

    I also had an affair with my sister in law. Too bad I had to move out of the state, she was pretty good.

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