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I'm Standing A Guy Up Today

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by skp2978, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. skp2978

    skp2978 SFN Gold Supporter

    We went out about 9 months ago...made a date with me on a Friday...then basically stood me up. I texted him to see if it was still on and he made an excuse and never called again.

    4 months later he texts me, I had no idea who it was. Made an excuse...he met a new girl at a wedding (wasn't until Saturday at least, if it happened to be that weekend). I'm not much on second chances for shit like that...you could at least inform me, I'm pretty understanding. He told me if I ever wanted to be cum on to let me know. I said, no thanks.

    It's been another 5 months...random text again. He said he saw some chick who has an ass like mine and he thought of me. I responded, "going through a dry spell and looking for someone to cum on?" This time his excuse was "More than anything I was embarrassed about being a college student with a DUI and no job....Now I have a job and my own place etc. Get license back Jan 31st". I told him I accept his apology but that he didn't have to do it in person, I have no interest in seeing him. I didn't tell him I have a boyfriend, because that's irrelevant, I wouldn't see him regardless. He knows I've lost 30 lbs (and I sent pix...what? I'm an attention whore...I told them they were "eat your heart out" pix) and going nuts about that too. He has been BEGGING...I mean, downright begging me to see him.

    Him: Would u meet me for lunch and let me apologize in person?

    Me: I will have to decline ur offer. U handled things poorly and I do accept ur apology, but I don't think I need to hear it in person

    Him: I did meet a girl, but she ended up cheating. I'm really sorry to have hurt your feelings. Really wish I could see u but I understand if ur disgusted w me

    Me: Not disgusted w/u,but I think there r better ways of handling things&not 2 keen on u altering ur excuses 2 get some sympathy.I don't like my intelligence insulted (sorry, this was a text, that's obnoxious to read)

    Then he found me on IM...
    Him: you have no idea...
    i know i fucked up
    and lots
    want to see u
    theres a lot to explain and over chat isn't ideal...

    me: haha, u have nothing to explain to me
    you've said everything you need to say
    im an adult and im not vindictive or nutty
    so i accept ur apology and all is good

    Him: i never thought you were vindictive or nutty
    can't we at the very least be friends?
    like lets get lunch together friends?
    if you don't want to give me a chance romantically i'll take a lunch here and there, aside from the irrational decision i made with you to fuck things up...i can be a good listener as well
    so what time are u going to meet me? :) (he has asked me this about 15 times minimum and I say absolutely no everytime)

    He's a good looking guy and I'm sure he's not used to being told no...he doesn't want me that much, I've just become a challenge.

    After asking me twice this morning, I said, I'll pick you up at the curb at noon. He sent me a map of his location and is all excited now. He won't be picked up at noon. :hhh:
  2. Chriza

    Chriza Closed by User

  3. Chiva

    Chiva SFN Supporter

    Dont you have real friends you can bother with this drivel?
  4. DFWSternFan1975 Full Member

    so what time are u going to meet me? :gs:
  5. Chriza

    Chriza Closed by User

    We're not her real friends? :eek:
  6. Maschine Zeit Full Member

    i thought you had a boyfriend.
  7. ilovesavanna Full Member

  8. icehole3

    icehole3 Closed by User

    I thought you already had a boyfriend????
  9. Chiva

    Chiva SFN Supporter

    You are my BFF.
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  10. skp2978

    skp2978 SFN Gold Supporter

    I do.

  11. skp2978

    skp2978 SFN Gold Supporter

    See post #11.
  12. skp2978

    skp2978 SFN Gold Supporter

    I'm starting to feel bad...even though he's a piece of garbage. This is so out of character for me.
  13. Chriza

    Chriza Closed by User

    I thought you had a boyfriend
  14. zice Full Member

    So basically, you'd fuck him if he had any game at all. He blew a sure thing and now you're getting your revenge. If he came at you the right way, you'd spread for him.
  15. skp2978

    skp2978 SFN Gold Supporter

    He's claiming to just want to be friends now...he'll treat me to lunches and dinners here and there... :rolleyes:
  16. skp2978

    skp2978 SFN Gold Supporter

  17. skp2978

    skp2978 SFN Gold Supporter

    He blew it 9 months ago...I don't think you read my novel...and I have a boyfriend now anyway.
  18. icehole3

    icehole3 Closed by User

    go tell him the truth and I'll feel better about our relationship, I look up to you, youre gonna be a movie star one day and I wanna tell my friends I know a movie star
  19. skp2978

    skp2978 SFN Gold Supporter


    I'm going to way another hour or so before I tell him..."you're out of your mind if you think I'll be picking you up."
  20. Acid Lad

    Acid Lad Closed by User

    Shannon, just block him and be done wi it. He just wants to eat your asshole.

    Unless you want him deep down and want to cheat, whats the point?
  21. zice Full Member

    boyfriend, schmoyfriend...

    The next high-status guy will take Shannon away from that boyfriend faster than you can say "female hypergamy".
  22. skp2978

    skp2978 SFN Gold Supporter

    Him: i did meet a "new broad", she was friends with a friend of mine. and she was a convincing liar. and she got my attn by playing on my heart strings about rough ending relationships.
    i think you want to give me another chance
    but you're convincing yourself i'm evil
    so that you don't have to let me back in even as a friend
    so you can't say you forgive me when you haven't really
    if you forgive me, you'd let me apologize to you in person

    me: It's just not that important in my life. You were forgotten, then you popped up again...then forgotten. I don't think you're evil...nor do I really care. I'm not angry, just indifferent. I don't need anymore people in my life unless they will only enhance it. There's just no need...that's it.
    I think at this point, you're just frustrated that you aren't getting your way after all the talking you've done

    Him: i think i'd enhance your life a lot
    i wish i could come out to your area, and CANT WAIT to drive again....
    i wish you would let me back in to your life, i really
    really do
    but if you won't, i understand.
    sad about it, but thats life right?

    That was yesterday before he begged me 4 more times to have lunch. Then he resumed this morning.
  23. Captainqueeg

    Captainqueeg SFN Gold Supporter

    Why do you keep chatting with someone over and over that treated you like shit?
  24. Chiva

    Chiva SFN Supporter

    Did you get that brochure on going back to college that I sent you?

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