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Is Howard too mean to Gary?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Juju Alma, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    Howard always claims the fans say he's too mean to Gary. Am I listening to the same show? He always protects Gary when shit "gets real." Do you think he's to hard on Gary?

    Today, he ripped Gary off air and even told the Howard TV cams to leave the studio. I don't know about you but I'd much rather hear Gary destroyed on-air than hear Jewel sing or Jenny McCarthy announcing the "big news" that she "learned" something.

    Russell Brand, Tommy Matolla, Jewel, Jenny McCarthy, Elisa Jordana - Gary only gets guests he wants to fuck or blow.
  2. drunken_elmo Full Member

  3. greenchicklets Full Member

    Yes he's too hard on Booey, and I LOVE IT!
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  4. GoshGeeGolly Full Member

    I like it when Gary gets ripped and Fred plays all the music/sound effects
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  5. dogcow Full Member

    gary is a boob
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  6. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    Don't forget Fred's impression of Gary. Fuck I miss that puppet.
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  7. greenchicklets Full Member

    Fixed for ya
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  8. greenchicklets Full Member

    Fixed for ya.
  9. dpt21184 Full Member

    No way is he to mean! Gary really does seem like a nice guy but I think we can all agree that he's just not a very great Executive Producer. When Howard bitches at Gary he deserves it because it is dumb shit that an EP shouldn't make. If it was an inexperienced producer it would be a different story but Gary has been an EP for like 25-30 years, shouldn't be making stupid mistakes like what happened today.
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  10. Howard is not too hard on Gary. If Gary messes up Howard should take him to task. I always assumed the off air discussions would be what Howard truly thinks and how he wants to deal with a huge F-UP. The on air Howard is trying to get someone to display real emotion- anger, fear, terror, sadness-so he can use it on air. I did not think Howard really cared if Fred got pissed at his wife when out to eat with Stuttering John, but he he loved how angy Fred got when it was discussed on air. Fred was no longer, in his mind, on the radio. He was having a personal conversation with Howard. I think those moments are fewer now because the personalities are getting wise to it. Howard will keep pushing peopl, but they don't bite as often. Except Ronnie, but that is his schtick.
  11. nearly.normal Full Member

  12. HHH1 Full Member

    Did you guys catch that whiney bitch ass that called in this morning, "WAAAAHHH! Gary was too hard on Benjy! He told him nobody believes that Elisa sleeps with Benjy!
    I don't believe it either.
    I would've loved to hear why Benjy is so much more valuable to the show than Booey.
  13. JohnO Full Member

    I like Gary, but when Howard rips on him it is so fucking funny! I start laughing from the time I hear the fuck-up because you KNOW Howard won't let it slide and will say something sarcastic at some point. I love it!
  14. njguy8 Full Member

    I think you're 100% correct.

    One thing I definitely want to point out... it's true, Gary's been a professional Producer for 25-30 years, BUT... it's been for only one Show.

    Not only the same Show, but one that fires absolutely no one unless they either attack someone in the Studio, (some people are given more than a few chances on that one), are on drugs, (once again, some people are given more than a few chances on that one too), or finally, the staff member tries to kill himself - which not only means that you're fired, but you're never allowed on the Show ever again.

    Gary is in a very unique position. His professional experience is really only based on a single job - The Howard Stern Show.

    I don't think he would measure up too well going up against the industry standard in Executive Producer's these days. I think he would find himself completely outmatched in ever aspect of the job.

    If you don't believe me, ask Octo Mom, Tanning Mom or Joan Rivers about Gary's booking prowess.
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  15. Vidiot Full Member

    Actually, I think any shock jock in any Top 10 market in the country would still hire Gary in a NY minute. If nothing else, it'd be yet another element of the Stern show to rip off. But Gary would have to take a huge cut in pay.

    I think Gary could book better guests if the celebrities weren't scared off from doing a show with Howard. I'm guessing he gets turned down for guests by publicists about 90% of the time.
  16. njguy8 Full Member

    You could be right. Another Radio show, just based on the fact that he worked with Howard, may hire him.

    At some point though, he's going to have to perform.

    I also agree that most publicist's probably shuffle him away but I think a Producer with better skills would be able to cut that 90% down a bit.
  17. John Swenglish Full Member

    "Boff isn't too hard on me."
  18. taker77 Full Member

    This double booking incident is proof that Howard isn't too mean, in my opinion. No yelling, ranting or raving. No repeating or impersonating. Hell, Fred didn't even play one Ba Ba Booey song. Gary got off without any on-air reprimanding or humiliation and we all got screwed out of the humor that would have resulted from it. What the fuck is this shit?
  19. Vidiot Full Member

    I don't think so. I think people are just frightened as hell of Howard because the danger is he'll ask the hard questions and make the guest look bad. (Never mind the fact that he's never asked Shatner about his toupee, doesn't bring up Daryl Hall's hideous plastic surgery, and so on.)

    If Gary worked for somebody as bland as, say, Ryan Seacrest, he'd have no problem getting two B-list celebs every day for the next three years. Maybe even an occasional A-lister. The difference is, when you have a Top 40 DJ who's just a kiss-ass, who's never going to rock the boat and ask something controversial, it's a very easy gig. Gary has said before he has a "rolodex" with the names of hundreds of publicists and knows how to get in touch with pretty much any major celebrity.

    I'm pretty certain that he just can't book a lot of big names because a) they don't give a shit about the narrow audience of Sirius Radio, and b) they have so much fame and money, they don't want the stress of dealing with a guy who might make them uncomfortable and look bad on the air. Some celebs clearly don't care and put up with it, like Kevin Bacon and Jewel. It baffles me that certain celebs and rock artists, like Metallica or David Bowie, have never come in (to my knowledge), despite the fact that Howard is an enormous fan. (Granted, Bowie did a birthday show, but didn't submit to an interview.)
  20. njguy8 Full Member

    What you're suggesting is beyond my experience so I can't really agree or disagree.

    At the end of the day, I think you're right in the sense that Gary will find another job after the Stern Show ends.

    But again, my gut instinct says Gary will struggle outside the Howard Stern Universe. I don't think he has the real chops when it comes to being a successful Executive Producer.
  21. honeybunny Full Member

    No, I wish he was meaner.
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  22. HHH1 Full Member

    I love how some people call up on TWUS and scream at Gary like they;re his boss. The one guy who screamed at Gary, "I have been listening to the show FOR-EVER. I pay for everything and the show is all I have in my 70 hr. a week life."
    Like it's Gary's fault he has to work 70 hours a week. And of course, "fuck" every other word.

    Ooooooohhh, you're such a hard ass with your gay f bombs every other word.

    Hey...if you hate the show so much, don't listen!!!! Nobody's forcing you to, f bomb boy!
    Or do you prefer calling up, screaming and sounding like you're a hell of alot more important than you are?
    When I saw how horrible O & A was, hey...I stopped listening!
    When I saw how horrible Jason Ellis was....I stopped listening!
    When I saw how horrible Playboy channel is....I stopped listening!
  23. DrugDealer Full Member

    He's been way too easy on Gary. He needs to scold him good, at least for radio purposes. :showoff:

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