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Is It POssible for a Woman to Cum While Being Raped?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by neohiorounder, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. neohiorounder

    neohiorounder SFN Supporter

    Robin says yes.
  2. Superdog Full Member

    Didnt a comedian come in with his girl and the chick was almost raped and was getting turned on?
  3. tallguy Full Member

    Yes it's possible, not probable but possible. It's almost like having a hot model wife and someone can bang her for two good minutes and she cums. Yep possible but improbable that it would happen.

  4. kemps Full Member

    Its probably possible but I think half or more of it for girls is mental and that half wouldnt be there
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  5. taintlicker1 Full Member

    Ask your mom.

    Also, tell her I get out of prison in a week or so. She has that to look forward to.
  6. neohiorounder

    neohiorounder SFN Supporter

    But your honor, I was just trying to make her cum...

    Case dismissed!
  7. taintlicker1 Full Member

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  8. jokeland Full Member

    They have every time I've done it.
  9. Ignatius Reilly Full Member

    I think its more common than us men think. And maybe even more common than non-raped women think.

    When a woman is raped. They probably arent excited to share that their rapist totally got em off good.

    And thats probably the nature of the beast. Huge part of why a rapin will fuck a broad up
  10. neohiorounder

    neohiorounder SFN Supporter

    Are you saying they're all asking for it?
  11. Ignatius Reilly Full Member

    no. But thats another reason why its not talked about as openly. A maniac could interpret it that way
  12. kemps Full Member

    Interesting overall post but this part especially makes me :bigthink:
  13. kemps Full Member

    But it also seems pretty common that the girl is unconscious or almost unconscious during rape. Now that is from crime reports, so its what the woman says, and if it really did fuck them up mentally, it would be understandable that they would say they were unconscious even if they werent, or at least in an effort to further block out the memory of it
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  14. deth Full Member

    Everybody likes getting gifts. Why not a free orgasm?
  15. Ignatius Reilly Full Member

    I dont think every woman who claims unconsciousness is lyin. Most who claim that really were Id think.
  16. rapbastardz Full Member

    It can happen as a biological, involuntary response to stimuli. Women have reported having orgasms during gynecological exams as well. It does not, however, mean that they enjoyed or wanted to be raped or were that into the speculum.
  17. NEDSNUTSACK Full Member

    It depends on if is Rape or Rape Rape.:blink:
  18. DeadBianca Full Member

  19. jaquarpaw37 Full Member

    The only way a woman is going to cum if she's being raped is if she polishes herself off with a vibrator.
  20. Dreadnok4life Full Member

    Congratulations.. you are the creepiest fucker on this site.. and that is saying something.
  21. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

    This only shows you how FUCKEN DELUSIONAL Robin really is.

    When a woman is being raped AGAINST HER WILL she is not in the zone where she would have an orgasm. Most female rape victims are absolutely terrified and scared for their lives. That Robin believes that a woman would be turned on enough to cum while being raped against her will shows how fucked in the head Robin really is.

    Maybe Robin came when her daddy fucker her but 99.99% of rape victims don't.
  22. Ignatius Reilly Full Member

    nah your wrong.

    99.99 percent is an insane number. Who knows what the actual number is. But the point is its probably more common than you think.

    And again use your head. Rape victims aint runnin round braggin how their rapists totally got em off.

    And what the hell makes you an expert

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