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Is there any NYC mayor Howard doesn't like?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by rojiblanco, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. rojiblanco Full Member

    I get being in love with the city and he is a local boy and is NYC to the core etc but come on. Sometimes it's ok to criticise and admit you don't like what is going on. I can't think of any recent mayor he has ever not been totally in love with and hasn't lauded.
  2. StillTalknDirty Full Member

  3. Head Censor Full Member

  4. rojiblanco Full Member

    Nice, ok thanks guys!
  5. Barton Fink Full Member

    you a gunners fan? where you living?
  6. LessMoonbeams Full Member

    Wagner ..Robert
  7. JohnDalton

    JohnDalton Closed by User

    He HATED David Dinkums.

  8. Mama-looka Full Member

    What Howard and many Koch supporters overlook is Koch's horrible reaction to the aids crisis in New York.

    During the NYC aids epidemic of the mid-eighties, Koch stood by and did nothing while the epidemic took hold of the city. Even something as simple as promoting less risky behavior in high risk groups or community education was resisted by Koch. Dianne Feinstein of San Francisco acceded and as a result, the aids epidemic in San Francisco was far milder than the one in NYC.

    Of course Koch was always perceived by many to be a closeted gay man. According to the film "Outrage," it was well known that before he was Mayor, he had a lover named Richard Nathan. As Koch became more and more ambitious, he needed more and more popular support...that meant distancing himself from his perceived "gayness." Koch denied his homosexuality. He broke up with Nathan. He made it impossible for Nathan to get a job in New York. He was threatened and bullied. He finally left town in the middle of the night and moved out to California. He died of aids in the mid-ninties.

    So I see Koch's inaction during the aids crisis as an extension of this. He couldn't be perceived as favoring the gay community lest he be accused of being gay himself, so he bent over backwards (pardon the pun) to not favor the gay community.

    Apparently, Koch had a change of heart on the subject towards the end of his life. A few months ago, Koch reviewed the film "How to survive a Plague," about those early days of "the gay cancer." In it, he writes:

    "I urge our Chancellor of Education to show the documentary in our public schools. It would teach children a lot of lessons, the chief one being the community can, working together, speak truth to power and win. "
  9. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    was he supposed to re-criminalize sodomy?
    using heroin & coke recreationally was already illegal
    what else was he to do? use his bully pulpit and issue jeremiads
    against homosexual behavior? ...........Koch had enough virulent
    enemies that this so called lover could've easily spoke out and
    made life for Koch very uncomfotable at the very least....if he existed
    why didn't he? :idk:
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  10. Mama-looka Full Member

    He could have instituted needle exchange programs for IV drug users like in San Francisco, but instead he fought against it. He could have started a public education program like they did in England or San Francisco. He didn't. As a result, no one knew anything about aids. Numerous witnesses said that staff members at St Vincent's and other New York City hospitals refused to bring aids patients food for fear of catching the disease.They just piled it up outside their door. Nurses refused to change soiled linens or bandage wounds. Perhaps if they had been educated and knew it was impossible to catch the disease this way, it wouldn't have happened. When confronted with this information in a press conference, Koch said "Don't be ridiculous." He could have taken a stand, but he didn't.

    He could have taken a stand when the epidemic mushroomed and hospitals ran out of space, and deathly ill people were turned away, but he didn't. He could have asked for more medical help or set up other medical facilities when patients were lined up on gurneys in emergency rooms all over the city waiting for medical care that never came, but he didn't.

    He could have treated it the way any major US city would have treated any disease that threatened a large portion of the populace (look up how Philadelphia dealt with Legionnaire's disease a few years earlier for an example), but he didn't.

    By early 1984, when 864 people had already died of aids in NYC and tens of thousands more were infected, perhaps he could have spent $4.3 million and budgeted $10 million more like the city of San Francisco had to combat the aids epidemic, but he didn't. Do you know how much NYC spent on the aids crisis by early 1984? A city with ten times the population of San Francisco spent $24,500. Twenty four thousand five hundred dollars in NYC versus four point three million dollars in San Francisco.

    As far as Richard Nathan existing (unbelievable!) Koch's own human rights commissioner David Rothenberg not only confirms Nathan's existence, but confirmed his homosexual relationship with Koch and confirmed that Koch forced him out of NYC after he was elected mayor. Larry Kramer of Act up and the Gay Mens Health Crisis center also knew Nathan personally. Frederick Hertz, a respected Oakland attorney and professional mediator served as Richard Nathan's trustee, said Nathan was scared to death of Koch. Nathan feared for his life if he so much as whispered Koch's name.
  11. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    You're gonna hafta do better for the Nathan guy
  12. ravid32 Probationary Member

    I thought he hated NYC and has no idea why tourists go there.

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