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Is using a waterpik as good as regular floss?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by InjunCharlie, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. InjunCharlie Full Member

    I've come to the conclusion, after 20 or so years, that flossing sucks ass. If I buy one of those fancy shmancy water pik deals will that be as effective as ripping the waxy cord through my chicklets?
  2. STANLEY6148 Full Member

    I still use pubes.They are free!
  3. modeams Full Member

    No. Definitely not. Check out yfloss, our resident dentist's thread. He hates it. I still use mine, but it doesn't really get under the gums.
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  4. BleedingGums Probationary Member

  5. Tbones

    Tbones Closed by User

    I read somewhere that the waterpik is better than floss because it does less tissue damage but is as effective at removing bits of debris from in between teeth and just under the gumline.
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  6. deadeyedickweed Full Member

    My dentist told me to get a water pic so I did. I like it. I paid almost $50 bucks at Target for the basic model. I only floss about twice a fuck'n year. My teeth are shitty. I hope the water pic helps.
  7. blicknasty Full Member

    What's flossing?
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  8. tumbleweeed Full Member

    Its only bloody because your gums are fucked up. You need to do it every day and they wont bleed. Waterpicks are so '70s. Not very portable either.
    Sonicair and floss god damn it
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  9. tumbleweeed Full Member

    Just let your teeth get all wasted. Youll get more vicoden from the dentist with all the extra work he'll be doing
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  10. deadeyedickweed Full Member

    Thats what I did.
  11. modeams Full Member

    sonicair is awesome.

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