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Bubba the Love Sponge its over for Bubba

Discussion in 'The Other Shows' started by Lil Mundster, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Lil Mundster

    Lil Mundster Suicide by Mod

    Spiceboy has left the building or rather the disaster that the BTLS show has become
    he will host his own show on the same station in tampa that fatsos on
    he will not be on fatsos show or the Radioio situation/ scam anymore either
    he was the breath of fresh air of a stale attempt of radio sad day for fatass
    Fatass will be replacing him with his sister Tara Clem for a 10 day trial period
    my prediction fatass will have sex with her live on the air to gain his loser army back
    its only a matter of time before Manson/ Ned jumps ship
    wow how fucked is fatass now
  2. foootnfan Probationary Member

    Over the years...Spice was on the the show....back on after Sirius off. Bubba will survive. Less interesting....but he will survive. Spice was the only person that could do a straight up interview...Bubba cannot, Brent can't speak w/o stammering or getting mad and calling someone a Bible hugger.
  3. legmanct Full Member

    To help save the show, Bubba is going to bring in his sister to replace Spice.

    Yeah I would say the end is near for the Bubba the Love Sponge Show.

    Congrats Spice for being smart enough to get off the sinking ship before it was too late.
  4. The Butler Full Member

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  5. evercll Full Member

    That's sad I can't comprehend how bad the show could get without Spice.

    I remember when Bubba started at Sirius it was Manson, Bubba and Brent and the show was horrible. A few months later Spice came back and the show great from day one.
  6. So Hard Done By Full Member

    Spice is a great sidekick and a strong presenter for a 5 minute spiel on Bubba raw - he would have been a good tv news or weather live remote correspondent, but when he's in the long form and had to fill time - like when bubba was away and he had to take the lead for an hour or more, there was always a good deal of awkward silence while he was thinking what to say next.

    I know this isnt a real thread, just a hating on Bubba thread, but just saying, i think with Bubba he was In a role that showcased his strengths and hid his weaknesses. The good news is the 7-10 is a nothing timeslot so maybe he'll be given some time to sort out the rough spots.
  7. evercll Full Member

    First of all I would take Bubba with Spice over any of these shows we're talking about here. Spice actually had a successful morning show on 98Rock in tampa that canceled because of Clear channels decency policies. So he has proved himself in the past.

    I just remember the show when Bubba was arrested for losing his firearms (something like that) I thought Spice was good, he did a great interview with some ufc fighter.
  8. Valve Full Member

    Was this on the io show, or the regular one?
  9. Dave Matthews Full Member

    both shows
  10. cappoletti1960 Full Member

    bubba has been fazukked since Heather pulled her sweet patoot from his undeserving hands. Fuck that show he needs to get her back.
  11. DroppingLoads Full Member

    Bubba is too busy pandering to the black audience that isnt there. It started with the Trayvon talk and it continues today. A special black bubba army? Please. He was the one who said to stop looking at race yet he pulls this crap?

    zzzzzzzzzzz nowadays.
  12. msumark Full Member

    The Radioio deal must truly pay jack shit. It seems likif he is only doing a three hour show at night he could still do the 2.5 hour radioio show four days a week.
  13. Toreno Probationary Member

    This is really sad to hear. I used to enjoy BTLS.

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