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Jesus H. Christ - Russell Brand Again?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by holden190, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. holden190 Full Member

    he's in serious need of a bath.
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  2. Gay Howard Full Member

    Booey on Wrap Up Show: "I would have him on once a month if I could."
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  3. holden190 Full Member

    Yeah, that's less work for the monkey boy.
  4. !!!kaboom!!! Full Member

    Seriously unfunny, feminine and verbose.
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  5. Gay Howard Full Member

    All his interviews are the same. Same questions, no new angles. I also love when acts surprised at something he has heard 3-4 different times from the same guest. BEST INTERVIEWER EVER!!!!!!!!!!
  6. deezz Full Member

    I agree. Another lame ass interview with this dude. Like others have said, it's the same old tired bullshit every single interview.
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  7. SiriusSam Full Member

    He was in the bathroom doing coke I bet. He snorted about ten times in the interview.
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  8. HeyItsAdam Full Member

    One time for every time he brushes his teeth.
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  9. honeybunny Full Member

    He is colossal bore, plus he talks so f-ing fast that I can't understand a half of what he says.
  10. mrsluda85 Full Member

    He was meditating, not medicating.
  11. JustinStLouis

    JustinStLouis Closed by User

    That has become the norm on the show - have regular repeat guests once every 6 months or so. Seriously, what does Russel Brand have to offer that I need to hear from him again?

    That's the frustrating part about the show nowadays. We only get Howard three days a week inbetween his increased vacation schedule. So the little we get of Howard shouldn't be taken up with interviews with Brand.
  12. Jcakes Full Member

    I like Russel Brand, but not on the HSS.. It seems like all schtick with him, and he is never really honest.
  13. Mr. Mojo Risin Full Member

    I'm a sucker for an accent so I have no issues with Brand. I remember when I first heard of Brand and thought he was pretty interesting and funny. Like a year later he did The Sarah Marshall movie and the rest is history.

    Brand is def on the list of guests Howard is comfortable with. There's literally like a group of 10-15 people who are their go to people. We all know who they are already so no need for me to name names lol.
  14. rojiblanco Full Member

    He's funny and was funny yesterday.
  15. jrt2121 Full Member

    Even more annoying that former friend of the show Bon Jovi was at Sirius yesterday and was passed over. Booey didn't even book Stallone last week who was making the interview rounds in NYC. Show is on Cruise Control
  16. Artie' Pancreas Full Member

    I love Brit humor but he's just a fucking unfunny idiot
  17. mrsluda85 Full Member

    I have a really weird crush on Russell. Steve-O too.
  18. TheKnot Full Member

    once i heard he was comming in i left for the day.It is
  19. KarlHungus Probationary Member

    Lame guest. lame jokes. take a bath you limey fuck
  20. snoop30 Full Member

    Hes wierd with His fucking Beyonceee and his demiiii
  21. defhermit Full Member

    I like Russell Brand and think he's been great every appearance on the show.
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  22. beetle lover Full Member

    I want to kick him in the box for even thinking he could pull off a modernized "Arthur" (him and the mentally challenged studio execs who paid more than a penny to anyone for that POS). While I'm at it, a belated kick in the groin to Ben Stiller for desecrating a classic like "The Heartbreak Kid."
  23. Mister Patel

    Mister Patel Closed by User

    They should have him, Dennis Miller and David Lee Roth on at the same time and make them all recite their pre-scripted flowery phony extemporaneous "witticisms" over the top of each other and see who is the last to run out.
  24. mygoodness Full Member

    God, he's got severe diarrhea of the mouth. No wonder he's trying to make Hollywood - he can't do anything except talk. And he's like a 12 yr old trying to outwit everything that is said in the room. He's like the 6th Monty Python member (and taking meth). Why a woman would want to get near that guy baffles me. He and Howard seem to click. He is a disgusting dude.

    You know he's already tried banging Demi Moore. That guy is hornier than a billygoat with two penises.

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