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Joey Boots is a Scumbag

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by PornStache, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Gadmus126 Full Member

  2. The Mad Embalmer

    The Mad Embalmer Closed by User

    If my apartment looked like that, the last thing I would do is go on camera.

    And what the hell kind of computer is that, a Commodore 64?
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  3. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

    There was a time that I lurked here and didn`t join because at that time Joey Boots had the keys to SFN. His attitude, actions, and posts turned me the fuck off huge. It pisses me off that not only does he fake his disability, he is ripping off the taxpayers on many levels. One is the money he steals from the government every month - (if you`re well enough to run around NYC with a video camera getting into mischief you`re well enough to deliver fucking pizzas! .. or wash dishes!) - ... Anyhow, now this fat fucking douchebag is wasting yet MORE taxpayer $$$ with this court appointed attorney and burning up precious court time.

    Can`t he just fucking die already?
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  4. aerostern Full Member

    That fat on the dole bone smuggler is looking for a payday i bet, get a job ya lazy faegala!!!
  5. porkerface Full Member

    I don't think its the attorney's fault if he tries the case for the douche, puts on what little defense if any he has, and Joey gets hammered. The attorney worked out a decent deal for him, communicated the offer to him, and Joey turned it down.

    I am not particularly fond of Wall Street these days, but I am not particularly fond of welfare cheats who have all their arms and legs, seem to be of at least average intelligence, and do absolutely fucking nothing everyday.

    I hope Joey goes to jail and they cut off his disability check if he in fact gets one.
  6. EricThMidgetSux Full Member

    Gimme a fucking break. Boots cares as much about that as Sandusky cared about "mentoring young men". He's an attention seeking whore who will jump on any political bandwagon to get a thirty second soundbite on Howard 100 News.
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  7. PornStache Full Member

    The lawyer would not get in trouble for that.

    The other poster suggested that the lawyer blow it purposely. That would cause him problems.
  8. Worlock Full Member

    He said what he gets once, he makes more than a lot of people do, he probably gets more after taxes than JD makes.
  9. Worlock Full Member

    With what he gets he's not living below the federal poverty level, not even close. A public defender should only be allowed to get him to where the offer was given. Now he should have to fight this shit with his own money.
  10. vetteish Full Member

    I hate joey boots. he is a piece of shit that I hope gets whats coming to him. I wiped my ass with his "list". Fuck that fat fuck
  11. Worlock Full Member

    I always thought he was Shamela.
  12. sha sha seany

    sha sha seany VIP: High Register Sean

    i tried bein his freind but he is just too angry
  13. Il Gatto Full Member

  14. Tom from T.O.

    Tom from T.O. Closed by User

    Ok, you have some homophobia and you have an issue with Joey because he is gay. Its the internet, you can be honest. Hosh.
  15. PornStache Full Member

    That's exactly it.

    Bravo, sherlock.
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  16. crazyalicerox Full Member

    Can't believe I'm giving Sham a half compliment....gulp......but I think she's too smart for Boots to be her.
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  17. fatbastard Full Member

    Actually it's a VIC-20
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  18. fatbastard Full Member

    If I was in the park, and saw Boots getting a severe beating compliments of the NYPD, I'd shut off my phone/video and enjoy the show....
  19. AppIeclipse

    AppIeclipse Closed by User

    No, for some reason I dont... Must have been the couple years Stern was off here in very early 2000's. Reminds me of Eric the Midgets little cramped cam. Hilarious
  20. Kill Van Kull Full Member

    Personally, I think Joey getting himself arrested at OWS is dumb -- Joey wanted to get arrested for what he believes is a just cause.

    With that considered, why in the world do you think he should take a plea deal and squash the case? That makes no sense if you consider Joey's initial motivation?

    The guy is exercising democracy his way and he has every right to do so -- America, the home of the free.

  21. SGT. HOOKER Full Member

    Thank you for your cooperation good citizen.
  22. PornStache Full Member

    I would have no problem with this if he hired (and paid) his own lawyer to represent him, or even represented himself.

    What bothers me is he is wasting a court appointed lawyer's time with his bullshit.

    If the lawyer knew what he was getting in to before getting stuck with Boots, it would be fine.
  23. Shamela

    Shamela SFN Gold Supporter

    It's my understanding that JB's got his own attorney, so it's on his dime, not that that makes a difference.
    Whether or not a defendant has a privately retained or a "court appointed attorney," the defendant is entitled to fight the charges to the full extent of the law.
    As a practical matter, the more money you have, the more access to the courts you may have -- and those dependent on the public defenders are often at a disadvantage because of the attorneys' caseloads and the impossibility of providing the same time and attention that someone with a private attorney has.
    That environment can create a situation where the factually innocent are encouraged to take a plea rather than take their chances on the system and the representation that a PD can give them.
    However, any hope for some fairness in the system would surely die if the OP's "fuck the have-nots" mentality were adopted and those dependent on a public defender were railroaded into a kangaroo court of plea bargains because the PD's clients were seen -- not as exercising their constitutional rights -- but as being on some dole and therefore presumed guilty.
    JB is standing up for the 99%, which is his right and consistent with his prior service to this country.
    Maybe some of the mental midget DePacer-types can't deal with the fact that JB's going with his heart and conscience, rather than thoughtlessly marching in step with the Christian Taliban and the other asshats who let Dumbya and friends rape this country every which way they could (and as Howard Stern warned Dumbya would, back in summer 2000).
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  24. PornStache Full Member

    Maybe Shemala is Boots after all.
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  25. Worlock Full Member

    I told you. Or a smarter than him friend posting on his behalf.

    or maybe he's not stupid when he's off drugs. Same with Jeton, some of his posts sound intelligent and sometimes it seems that Boo is posting for him.

    and the odd thing was that it was a hunch, it's not like Shamela defended Boots that often, but I think it's him. Who would defend the POS.

    I bet he writes in gibberish and then asks someone to make it intelligible.

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