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Joey Boots is a Scumbag

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by PornStache, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Kill Van Kull Full Member

    In America, we strive to offer equal justice for all.

    The cop(s) that arrested and charged him had full discretion and made the decision that you're offended by -- to bring this incident into our legal system.

    If you believe that this case is a waste of our legal resources, then I agree. But Boots only holds a small percentage of that blame as he is incapable of arresting himself.

  2. PornStache Full Member


    He specifically went down there to get arrested.

    All blame belongs with that load.
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  3. Worlock Full Member

    Exactly he is a trouble maker and since the government pays him well to sit on his fat ass he has time to waste the courts time.
  4. Worlock Full Member

    I find that impossible to believe. Where is he gonna get $200 or more an hour for a lawyer to work on his case? And it does makes a difference if we imagine that he can pay for it. If it's on the taxpayers back it makes a huge difference. Now if you are saying he is in with those idiots at Occupy Wall Street and they have a defense fund he's using that is something totally different.
  5. PornStache Full Member

    If he's actually paying a lawyer to be involved in this farce, I no longer care.

    He is still a scumbag regardless.
  6. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

    1) Boots lives off taxpayer money. Every month. Free money. Get to sleep in every day.
    2) Cops became involved - who pays the cops? Taxpayers.
    3) State employees, a court appointed lawyer, a judge, and a prosecutor had to waste man-hours (see: more taxpayer money) to process his case.
    4) Now Boots is demanding to "get his day in court," which involves state employees, a judge, a prosecutor... which wastes even more man-hours (see: yet again, more taxpayer money.)

    Joey boots sure is costing the people of New York a ton of cash.. just so that *he* can make a statement. Sure "a defendant" is entitled to fight charges to the full extent of the law, but there is a big fucking difference between being "a defendant" and an public nuisance. ;)
  7. NYF Full Member

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  8. nearly.normal Full Member

  9. Shamela

    Shamela SFN Gold Supporter

  10. tmarkoski

    tmarkoski Closed by User

    Boots is just another member in the endless parade of human debris.

    He is fully capable of working but chooses not to in favor of a handout because he says he has PTSD.
    Boots is a disgrace to anyone who has ever worn the uniform.
    The world would be a better place without him.
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  11. fatbastard Full Member

    Boots is a morbidly obese attention whore. He exercises his rights for attention and uses the system when it beneifts his fat ass. Hoping he dies soon!
  12. Tom from T.O.

    Tom from T.O. Closed by User

    I don't want to burst your bubble, but given that Shamela has particpated in a round table fan discussion that aired on the channels, I think we can safely conclude that she is not Joey Boots.
  13. Erleichda Full Member

    Remember when Boots said anyone who posted a pic of a fish to fuck with HighPitch would be banned? And everyone posted every fish pic they could find? Good times...
  14. Artie' Pancreas Full Member

    And those like him who and abuse the system for their own benefit. He could get a job as a short order cook if he really was interested in working...
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  15. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

    Sure he could answer phones, or be a telemarketer, no walking required. Deliver pizza, wash dishes, fold flyers to go in junkmail, there is a whole ton of jobs he could do easily but why give up free money from the government? He doesn't have to get a job. Your tax dollars which he collects monthly suits him just fine. ;) Gets to sleep in every day... AND run around NYC getting in people's faces with his fucking video camera.

    And don't forget, many of you SFN members were sending him money back in the day... I wonder how much he scammed from you cats in total... tax free no less! What a con that was. I was always amazed people could be that gullible and stupid to send him $$$.
  16. jerrybobphil Full Member

    Fat ass knew full well that he would get arrested because thats what the POLICE said would happen to anyone still sitting in the park. So this scumbag sees that and goes to get arrested. Then after getting arrested wants to waste more money & time by requesting the police to get a ambulance. Which was denied. He's a fat asshole who wanted to get arrested and has no care for wasting police and the courts time. And I'm sure a judge will gladly tell this to his fat face.
  17. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

    Thats the part that really pisses me off. On top of the cash he gets from the government monthly, he ALSO is wasting precious resources. Cops, Paramedics, Prosecutors, Judges, Court-appointed attorneys, Bailiffs, Court reporters... all could be doing *real* work.. instead they are having to waste their fucking time dealing with a public nuisance.
  18. Captain Sakk Full Member

    I don't even know what you're talking about.
  19. Shamela

    Shamela SFN Gold Supporter

    Query: What do Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, Bill Murray and JoeyBoots have in common?
    Howard Stern has declared that each of them is a comedic genius.
  20. Worlock Full Member

    If she's not Joey, she's his mother.
  21. Shamela

    Shamela SFN Gold Supporter

    If the truth were on your side (or you actually listened to H100), you wouldn't have to make up stories.
    Boots didn't ask for an ambulance. The officer clearly asks if Boots wants an ambulance and Boots declined.
  22. SGT. HOOKER Full Member

    Boots is a vomit.
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  23. AppIeclipse

    AppIeclipse Closed by User

    Haha! Anyone hear Liebermans visit to Joeys hole in the wall apt?
    Its in one of those shitholes where the entire floor shares ONE BATHROOM.....

    He literally lives 12 feet away from High Pitched Erik...He has no kitchen. But he does have a microwave!...Need to catch the rest on the replay..
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