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Join Newsbusters - Abuse Ignorant Conservatives

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hater, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Hater Full Member

    Any of you liberals that give a shit about politics should join if you want to have a lot of fun attacking science hating, gay fearing, bible banging red state conservatives...i've been posting there for a while and these people hate liberals...they suck bush's dick on the regular...defend everything he does...this site is run by Brent Bozzell and the evil MRC...if we can get more liberals to join, we can shut that motherfucking site down and do the world a favor...

    check it out...

    fight the good fight...
  2. Hater Full Member

    Here's a nice example of the ignorance will you encounter...

    Jerry Says:
    July 25, 2006 - 01:18
    BD my friend, that was a damn fine post.

    The left does not understand that freedom is not free. That evil is not vanquished through negotiations. Just as our souls have been saved by the Blood of the Lamb, the freedoms that we so cherish exist only because of the blood of the brave soldiers in the greatest military in the greatest country in the world. They have been purchased at a cost that is beyond comprehension of the average citizen.

    I think Ann Coulter said it best the other night... Paraphrasing... "The question is not whether our boys can win the war, it's whether the liberals will let us win the war."

    When asked if he went to war with Iraq to derail the impeachment vote: “I don’t think any serious person would believe that any President would do such a thing." - President Clinton (Dec 1998).
  3. SaintJimmy Full Member

    Hey, hater.
    I was just over there, as a matter of fact.
    How you been?
  4. Hater Full Member

    Hey man, doing good...i've been posting under a bunch of different names...i have a lot of backups b/c I keep getting banned...i just keep setting up gmail accounts and applying and then using them when I get recent incantations have been Uncle Screwtape, Cool Breeze, Burlapsacknpumps, and ClearAndPresent...I just got booted from burlap and clearandpresent yesterday...i hate that motherfucking would be great if we could flood it with SFN people...oh man, they would wreak havoc in that hell hole...

    how you doing? all is well?
  5. SaintJimmy Full Member

    Very good, sir.
    I like Burlapsacknpumps.
    I think I'll name one of my kids after that.
    We'll call him Burly for short. :D
  6. Ass Boil Full Member

    LOL that's great! Bozell is a dumb douche. I'l have to sign up over there. For some reason it is just so satisfying being banned by Republicans for nothing more than posting facts....
  7. SaintJimmy Full Member

    Facts are frowned upon at newsbusters. :(
  8. patcracker Full Member

    i just registered as "bushiss2pid" . i dont think they will give me a password.
  9. muntz

    muntz SFN Gold Supporter

  10. Hater Full Member

    yo they will give you will have to wait one week to get it though...and i would suggest using a little more subtle name...although that name is hilarious...seriously it's a blast...they really hate hate hate liberals...and they hate liberals posting on their site...currently there's only about 4 regular liberals but if we can flood that site with liberals it will make their heads would be a blast...i encourage everyone who hates bush, bozzell, the MRC, and republicans in general to join so we can bring them to their knees...they have enough trouble controlling the three of us regular lib posters, i can't imagine what they would do with 30 lib posters...from SFN nonetheless...
  11. Hater Full Member

    Yeah saint...rally the troops...seriously can you imagine if we could get more libs than cons on that site...oh wow, they'd go bananas...they might even shut it down...which would be my dream come true...that site is evil and breeds ignorance and hatred...something must be done...SFN to the rescue..I just want people to know that the time between when you register and when they email you a password could be as long as one week...don't give up hope..once you're in you'll have a great time...nothing better than arguing with ignorant, hate filled yokels...
  12. SaintJimmy Full Member

    That would be great.
    Ass boil definitely needs a password.
    He's like a progressive information machine. They would HATE him with a capital H.
  13. Hater Full Member

    everyone needs to be careful to avoid personal attacks and profanity...then there is no way that you can be banned...i'm telling you this would be so sweet...the NB's would go crazy...i would love to destroy their cozy little world of conservative circle jerks...I assume you know more people on here than me, so spread the word...this must be done...these assholes keep banning me for no reason and it's time to get revenge...lets slap those smug smiles of these idiots faces...
  14. Ass Boil Full Member

    I just sent in my new account request... My username will be 'Art Vandelay'. I can't wait, just reading the homepage made me want to vomit.
  15. Hater Full Member

    Nice work ass boil...can't wait to see you over there...i just got my most recent name banned again but I reapplied today so I should have a password within the week...i will be DocHoliday...sometimes it can take up to a week for them to send the password...they are uber paranoid...i used to post on there as Hater and I used to wreck shit and now anytime a new lib joins they accuse them of being me...pretty bizarre...but you'll have a blast...strength in need numbers against these people b/c they are so unbelievably blinded by their hatred of liberals...aside from LGF which lacks credibility due to their obvious racism and hatred, newsbusters actually gets some respect...we need to end that...immediately...these people must be silenced...

    thanks for joining...i can't wait for all of you guys to get over there so we "expose liberal media bias" haha...what a fucking joke...
  16. incoherent Full Member

    Let's see- Dustbusters is at war against actual dust, Ghostbusters are at war against actual ghosts, so Newsbusters is at war against...
  17. Ass Boil Full Member

    You should definitely join over there, incoherent. You are actually able to make it through your posts without cursing. I wish I could do that.... They will love you. You are like a bullet-point machine....
  18. Hater Full Member

    surprisingly...rationality and know conservatives are clever...they love humor...riiiiight...
  19. Hater Full Member

    Yo you can do it...just don't's easy...have you been readnig that site? it's unbelievable...we have to take that site down...i have made it my goal for life...these people are evil...but yeah, you have to refrain from profanity and personal attacks...

    they'll let the conservative bush apologists curse all day and make ad hominem attacks, but as soon as a liberal does it once, game over...they fear us b/c we have facts...

    can't wait to work together to rationalize the irrational...
  20. Ass Boil Full Member

    Don't worry, I'll make myself behave.... In that situation it would be pointless to use personal attacks anyway, they will instantly use that to kick your ass out of there...
  21. Hater Full Member

    exactly...act with class and facts and let them regress into screaming animals...b/c they will...their anger control is weak...

    jay-z had a good line...don't argue with a fool b/c from a distance you can't tell who is who...keep it cool...present the overwhelming facts...and we'll win...

    beware when you fight a dragon, lest you become a dragon...
  22. incoherent Full Member

    Thanks, AB. But I'm in awe of your mad skillz- we speak your name!

    And I don't make it though my posts without cursing- I just delete all the curses before I post! (That way there is no distraction from my point.)

    Conservatives have abandoned reason and facts in their devil's bargain with the fundamentalists. That why we consistently WIN when the argument stays on facts and logic.

    That's why they want to drag us down to their level. Because otherwise, we win.
  23. incoherent Full Member

    No- conservatives are the most humorless bunch around. As I have proven over and over again, they are utterly irony-challenged. ("Incoherent- your name fits you!" they constantly say in response to an incisive post, taking the bait and proving they have no clue about irony)

    They have replaced actualy wit and humor with bitter derision and mockery. It's like humor. If you have the social development of a third grader and no intellectual development in a hate-filled adult body. Kinda like Bush.
  24. Hater Full Member

    Yo yo should join need people like you to fight these devils...think about won't regret feels great to humiliate ignorant conservatives...
  25. SaintJimmy Full Member

    This is going to be great! Please, AB, let us know when you get in. Great name, btw. :)

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