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Jon Corzine busted. Email smoking gun discovered

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ham Wallet, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    B...B...But...Christie... right KVK?
  2. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    Fatboy is next !
  3. Jackie's Career Full Member

    Obama bundler is a crook..... :crickets:
  4. R.U. Stupid Full Member

    Ain't a pole high enough to hang him from!
  5. BoumtjeBoumtje Full Member

  6. Kill Van Kull Full Member

    Tell Corzine to keep a cot warm for fat-boy on the ex-NJ-governors tier down at FCI Fort Dix.

  7. mambojambo Full Member

    Better be a double wide.

  8. R.U. Stupid Full Member


    Whats your point?
  9. Swishbaby

    Swishbaby Closed by User

    Next? For what, fixing the shitty state of NJ? Fixing all the shit that Corzine left behind? Another dirty Demoncrap is busted all you can do is make idiotic comments. Oh, I guess that's your shtick. Nah, you're just an idiot, plain and simple
    porkerface likes this.
  10. Billy Brown

    Billy Brown SFN Supporter

  11. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    Fixed New Jersey ?????????????? That is fucking hilarious ! Swish calling anybody idiotic is even funnier !
  12. porkerface Full Member

    This is why a lot of Democrats are the most asenine people who ever walked. If they catch one of their own stealing, they refuse to call him a thief and refuse to distance themselves from him. Not only was Corzine a thief, but he almost bankrupted New Jersey. Yet these morons still voted for him. Neither party is any better when it comes to honesty, but Democrats should try a little harder to quit supporting the thieves when they're caught red handed.
  13. Howard Stearn

    Howard Stearn SFN Supporter

  14. Swishbaby

    Swishbaby Closed by User

    That, coming from the person known as the biggest idiot on this site? BWAHAHAHA! Go back to sucking your BF's cock, dip-shit.
  15. 4dayworkweek Full Member

    I love it, you calling someone the biggest idiot on this site, maybe he was the idiot who started the thread about the CNN video...
  16. Swishbaby

    Swishbaby Closed by User

    I knew it! You and Billie are lovers! Isn't that cute how your come to his defense. Awwwwwww.
  17. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    LOL ! Deflecting is the true label of a moron....You , Blargy , NCMORON06, and zimmie have that trait !
  18. jtheweirdo Full Member

    This is the kind of corrupt bullshit that sparked the Occupy Movement.

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