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Keep editing the o&a wiki article

Discussion in 'Who Gives a Shit' started by TLD, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. TLD Full Member

    I was just reading the edits (they cant be deleted) and there was some funny shit posted.

    I can't edit anymore I'm banned, you can edit like crazy and never get banned if you just spread it out to every few days.
  2. bigbossrabit Full Member

    I put one in misc facts. Its not that great, but o well.
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  3. KMSDEMON Full Member

    the last time i did that it got changed back in 20 min.

    not worth the effort.
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  4. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    I know I edited it, but it gets fixed so quickly. Have fun if you care. ;)
  5. Kelnai Full Member

    Don't mess with Wikipedia...a lot of people work hard to keep it free of this sort of nonsense. You're basically shitting all over "their" SFN. Imagine how you all would feel if someone came here and just spammed the board...just because "they can".
  6. Alcohol_IV Full Member

    Wikis rule.
  7. ChronoSkooma17 Full Member

    You guys are going to love this, I showed those fuckin' pests who the boss is. Read the first sentence (before), then read the second sentence (after). Go to wiki and see it for yourself.


    Owned biyatch. This is just a warning shot. Next time, it's gunna get ugly.

    "Im goin' to hurt this fuckin' guy's feelings"
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  8. TLD Full Member

    ChronoSkooma17 your getting almost as cryptic as winst these days.
  9. TLD Full Member

    Holy fuck, we are editing it about every 20 minutes. keep it up!
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  10. shadowwolf Full Member

    I changed it so when you click on the link to O&A's website it takes you to
  11. ChronoSkooma17 Full Member

    :( Thanks for ruining my night :(
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  12. Pussah2 Full Member

    there was an article in the paper this week about people editing wikipedia and how it is fixed soon after. If I find it I will post it. Wasnt about o&a but dealt with this issue
  13. Casey-Stern Full Member

  14. Ken Bruce Full Member

  15. KurtCocaine Full Member

    Done and done.
  16. PickleLoaf Full Member

    Note sure how long my addition under "Miscellaneous Facts" will last:

    * O&A admit that they wish they could join Howard Stern on Sirius and spend up to two hours per show whining about his success and their own personal failure.
  17. Tom from T.O.

    Tom from T.O. Closed by User

    They must have software that instantly sends up the edited portion to someone because they fix it way too fast.

    It also says they record your IP address in the Edit history. What does that do and mean?
  18. SiriusAndStern Full Member

    its not that, theres tons of wiki mods and they have a page where you can see whenever someone edits something new and what they edited out.
  19. Kelnai Full Member

    I think they do...didn't someone here say they had a bot that let them know when there were changes made to the Opie and Anthony page?

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