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Kristin Kreuk or Emily VanCamp?

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by LUKE_P, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. LUKE_P Full Member

  2. hendrix5150 Full Member

    Kristin Kreuk is just drop dead beautiful. Like she isnt slutty hot or comes off that way at all. Those are the girls I love. And she is a dead ringer for my ex too. Which is funny because they are from the same small town in toronto. hahaha.
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  3. gOtHkrad Full Member

    Both girls are hot. Good to see they are natural non boob job, no slutty clothes beauty.

    In looking at pics I would love to give Emily a bare back rub. Even her bare back looks yummy. Kristins tummy looks like it needs to be tickled or licked. j/k
  4. Madbandit Full Member

    Both girls deserve to be tickled. It's cool they're both are in two great family-oriented shows (fuck off, 7th Heaven).
  5. LUKE_P Full Member

    remember 7th heaven brought us Jessica Biel.
  6. generic Full Member

    me picks kristin

  7. Wahoolee Full Member

    mee too.
  8. DJinAC Full Member

    I would have to agree.... :D
  9. tiz Full Member

    Kreuk for sure.

  10. Al_Czervik Full Member

    wow, thats not even a professional photo with airbrushing. and she looks smokin hot
  11. Madbandit Full Member

    A crap show is a crap show, young Padawan.
  12. LUKE_P Full Member

    Watched Everwood tonight. Looks like Emilys boobs are at least a full B cup now.
  13. allamya Probationary Member

    I can't see emily' photo.The link is broken :(
  14. HellSpawn Full Member

    Kristin is a mega hottie. I normally like chicks with bigger boobs, but she rocks.
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  15. Buckeye Full Member

    I love me some KK.

    THE YELLOW BEAN Closed by User

    Kristen Kreuk is fucking hot....i was in love with her from day one...

    if she only got to know me....
  17. SeniorStinky Full Member

    That's because you raised a six month old thread from the dead.
  18. LarryHorseFucker Full Member

    What a dick! BAN HIM!

    THE YELLOW BEAN Closed by User

    True that. LHL, once again, your giving me a seizure with your sigs. Seriously man, its time to think about one, good sig...

    aw fuck it ,add more if ya want, I dont care....
  20. jaybez7410 Full Member

    Kristin Kreuk....I love her. Not only is she sexy, and beautiful, but she seems so sweet....
  21. dunstdeal Full Member


    I think that Kristin Kreuk has an offbeat look, but is very attractive. But I have to vote for EMILY VANCAMP. They used to have a ton of close-ups of her on "Glory Days", and I thought she was gorgeous. :D
  22. allamya Probationary Member


    can you send these photos to me?

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