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Listening to Artie's Jack and Coke on spotify. 2 minutes passed:

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by evercll, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. evercll Full Member

    "I'm an italian guy from Jersey"

    No you're not! You're in a hospital bed getting demorol and looking for emotional handouts.

    Lange is a german name impostore!
  2. Erleichda Full Member

    He's also 25% Indian (the feather, not the dot).
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  3. mcopley Full Member

    I use Spotify too man, I'm a premium member, on $11 a month or something. Very worth it.
  4. mrs hooknose Full Member

  5. Gindaloonatic Full Member

    Maize gravy over bison parm....mmm.
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  6. Sausagemonkey1 Full Member

    Artie is a fat bloated loser. Move any thread about him to WGAS.
  7. Erleichda Full Member

    I think you're onto something here. We'll start at Nevada's border towns, and slowly make our way to Vegas. "Buon Appetito..and How!"
  8. nearly.normal Full Member

    Peyote's a good drug if you need to walk to the afterlife one weekend
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  9. Gindaloonatic Full Member

  10. Gindaloonatic Full Member

    Deerskin cargo pants.
  11. snoop30 Full Member

    Howard brought up artie this week for rembering movies,, he misses him

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