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Little Lupe in Big Legal Trouble?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by paktype, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. paktype Full Member

  2. TheKnot Full Member

    Looks like evan got more than just a fine piece of chicken . He will have plenty to deal with now .
  3. k9feces Full Member

    Don't worry, she will show up in court and he will be set free
  4. yosarian Full Member

    Vagina Poooosy!
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  5. JerzeyMike

    JerzeyMike Closed by User

    "You have a tiny penis!"


  6. Sidney75 Full Member

  7. reds ftw Full Member

    Sounds like she'll eventually be in deep shit, too. What a bunch of dummies.
  8. keelypoo Full Member

    maybe she is actually underage.......that would suck for everyone.......including me cause i've whacked to her many times
  9. hi later Full Member

    Dave Lampert to the rescue!
  10. diamondpaul50 Full Member

    When it gets too deep Evan will dump her like a load to her face and move on to the next porn dummy
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  11. WowieBowie Full Member

    he muss ave a smull cock
  12. sdp80

    sdp80 Closed by User

    Biohazard was one of the worst bands ever. Karma's a bitch.
  13. boeing46 Full Member

    TMI, we're so glad to read it.

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