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Man caught having sexual relations with cows

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by Ackshun, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. Ackshun

    Ackshun SFN Gold Supporter

    NEILLSVILLE, Wis. (AP) - A 63-year-old man is charged with sexual gratification with an animal for allegedly having sex with calves.

    Harold G. Hart, of Neillsville, allegedly told police that he routinely stopped at a Greenwood farm, usually after bar closing or on trips to strip clubs near Marshfield or Neillsville.

    A criminal complaint filed in Clark County Circuit Court said the farm's owners installed a motion detector on Jan. 22 after regularly seeing footprints and vehicle tracks on their land. Around 4 a.m. the next morning, a sensor sounded and Hart was caught leaving the barn, but Hart allegedly said he just used a bathroom in the barn and had never been there before.

    Hart told police he had sex with heifers before he went into the service in 1963 and resumed about a year ago at the farm. He admitted to using a rope to tie calves around the neck and estimated he had been to the farm "at least 50 times," according to the complaint.

    He told police he never had sex with animals while maintaining a relationship with his a girlfriend or his wife, the complaint said.

    Hart also is charged with disorderly conduct and two counts of obstructing an officer. Each charge carries up to nine months in jail.

    Hart is scheduled to appear in court March 10.

    ---FUNNYSHIT :D :D :D ---------------

    Information from: Marshfield News-Herald,
  2. LarryHorseFucker Full Member

    Calf rape is no joke, poor lil guys. Is it gay if he does male calves?
  3. Purity Knight Full Member

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  4. Purity Knight Full Member

  5. Grimeylike Full Member

  6. kwow Full Member

    WHOA! When I first saw this thread title, I thought it read "man caught having sexual relations with CROWS." Cows, not so bad.
  7. Youlove420 Full Member

    LOL this is so gross
  8. Master Dlobo

    Master Dlobo Closed by User

    That is "udderly" disgusting! ;)
  9. MoEl

    MoEl SFN Gold Supporter

    Don't Have A Cow, Man!

    Mmmm. Barnyard animals! How can he even stand tall enough to 'reach' the fuzzy hole?

    I guess he had to stand on a 'stool,' which, luckily, are all over the stable floor.
  10. Master Dlobo

    Master Dlobo Closed by User

    I'm sure the cow was a total slut and was asking for it. :D
  11. Luther Full Member

    Did he wear a condom?
  12. OneOfTheHive Full Member

    Sofa King gross!!!!! :hn:
  13. Luther Full Member

    I wonder how PETA feels about this sort of thing?
  14. JoeyBoots HATER

    nice to see he respected the sanctity of his marriage. :kw:
  15. kali

    kali Closed by User

    at least the cow isn't going to steal his sperm and sue him for calf-support! mouse-love
  16. T Rath Full Member

    Moo Moo, I love you.

  17. Bababong

    Bababong SFN Supporter

    The thread title said Cow and that's fucking sick but a nice,young, soft calf could be nice.The mans still low class however.The horse is the only way to go.
    Maybe it's cause I'm Sagitarius but I think Horse is much more dignified than cow,goat,dog or a fucking chicken.

  18. LarryHorseFucker Full Member

    I think what you were trying to say and be cute was "udderly" disgusting! You get an A for effort though. :bigup:
  19. Master Dlobo

    Master Dlobo Closed by User

    Damn, I should learn how to spell in the morning. Thanks bro! :D
  20. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    I grew up in a farming community and we had cattle. If you want to see some crazy shit watch a bull fuck a cow, fucking bulls have huge wangs and they tear those porr cows up. I guarantee the cows didn't even know that this guys little human dick was fucking them. That is some sick shit though cuz the cows asshole is right above their puss and it is always covered in cow shit from the tail rubbing it in.
  21. Bababong

    Bababong SFN Supporter

    I've seen racoons fuck and it's a violent rape.
  22. dibene Full Member

    Why did I open this thread and expect to find some sort of closure with the Human toilet situation....
  23. King Of All Chris's

    King Of All Chris's SFN Gold Supporter

  24. kid993 Full Member

    Fotunately, it was a cow and not a bull. That would be weird

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