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Millions of jobless file for disability when unemployment benefits run out

Discussion in 'Politics' started by blargy, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter


    Why did the Democrats agree to cut unemployment benefits that are helping so many who want to find jobs?
  2. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    Have you seen the job postings that say "MUST BE EMPLOYED TO APPLY FOR THIS JOB " ???
  3. zimmie Full Member

    they don't care about the little guy...
  4. Jellyfishlips Full Member

    Employers are deluged with applications from people who are trying to fulfill the UE requirement. They're applying for jobs whether they qualify or not just to meet their weekly 2-3 application quota.
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  5. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    The only little guy you care about is someone in a playground ! PEDOPHILE !
  6. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    There is some truth there. They may not have any intention of actually showing up for work or staying at the job, but they will do whatever it takes to keep the unemployment checks coming in.
  7. zimmie Full Member

  8. Kill Van Kull Full Member

    Can someone really "go on disability" simply because thet choose to do so?

    I find that hard to believe.

  9. Zoomies Full Member

    Anymore deflections you want to post?
  10. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    Unfortunately so. Many doctors too will aid people if they have this goal.
  11. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member


    Do you think that this has had an affect on the ones who have stopped looking for work ?
  12. walygatr Full Member

    It's an employers market. It happens when the UE rates increase. Many employers do not want the baggage that comes with someone who hasn't been working (i.e. garnishments, unpaid child support etc.)
  13. Timmy Full Member

    All of us here can apply for disability. doesnt mean you are going to get it. The fact that they are/were weorking right before applying doesnt look good for their claim. SS denies alomst everyone right off the bat. You can appeal, many do. If you do its better if you get a lawyer, but a disabilty lawyer aint gonna take the case unless he can tell theres a good chance of winning.
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  14. Kill Van Kull Full Member

    All that for what again, $600. bucks a month?

    Yeah right, I'm sure there's a long line of stable-minded, able-bodied Americans waiting for that "gravy train."

    Get real. I'd rather give those nut-jobs the $600 than have them breaking into my house/car every other day for food.

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  15. Timmy Full Member

    There are 2 types of Social Security. SSI and SSDI.

    SSI is basically welfare for disabled people. Theses folks have little if any working history. I think its about $600-700 a month. depending on where you live,

    SSDI is for people who have worked and paid into the system. Its more of an insurance. THe amount you get depends on the wages you made. Not sure where it caps out. But you could see payouts over $1000. And your kids also get some money too.

    Just goes to show that no matter what happens, its the govt that pays in the end.

    I am all for the program, but I do think it needs better oversite. Especailly SSI for children. Lots of scamming.
  16. walygatr Full Member

    Many people on SSI never worked. There are a lot of fat, lazy people who sat around and ate themselves into disability. Go to a Walmart, you'll see them.
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  17. Timmy Full Member

    Ate themselves into disability?? I think that is rare.

    You can imagine people who were born all fucked up. What worries me its that you get these scammers who work on the side. Especailly alot of the "mentally" disabled.
  18. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    Give a percentage and not your wishful self- opinion ! "WE" !!!!!!!!!!!!! Used when speaking for others including yourself !!!
  19. walygatr Full Member

    Watch Judge Judy, about half the people on her show are on some sort of disability.
  20. zimmie Full Member

    One in six Americans now receives some form of government assistance, reported last week’s U.S.A Today.
    Fifty million are on Medicaid, a record high and a whopping 17 percent increase since December 2007. Food stamp enrollment has climbed nearly 50 percent since 2008 and now stands at 40 million, or one in seven people. Ten million Americans receive unemployment benefits, and 4.4 million get direct cash assistance, an 18 percent increase from two years ago.
    And these are the numbers from only four of the more than 70 welfare programs funded by the federal government.
    Sept 2010 and it's only gotten worse...
  21. Zoomies Full Member

    Not really
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  22. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    Think is a word that you don't understand. There are supposedly 5,0000,000 who have given up looking according to some . That doesn't mean all are shiftless.
  23. stefystef Full Member

    This is why Social Security is going bankrupt.
    Able bodied people who lost their jobs and now can find new job because their skill set sucks or age are now going on disability.

    Which is your Social Security check given early because of a disability that stops you from working. So millions are trying to take from the system WAY BEFORE they are supposed to. But here's the thing. You don't get ALL your SS money, just a portion of it. So more people are trying to find other "disabilities" so they can increase their check.

    And let me tell ya, I PERSONALLY know people who are collecting SSDI while working off the books. It is a scam being done by EVERYONE! It knows no race or gender. Privatization is NOT THE ANSWER. If you don't believe me, just look at the Market crashes in 1999-2000, 2004 and 2008. If our Social Security was attached to the Stock Market, we'd all be BEYOND BROKE.

    People with real disabilities should get it and the rest need jobs and taught how to live in their means and not some fake-ass American "dream" BS.
  24. Timmy Full Member

    There needs to be more fraud units. They pay for themselves ! Then the word gets out that u can't fuck around. That will cut down the rolls.
  25. NC-Stern-Mark

    NC-Stern-Mark Closed by User

    Think that has something to do with the immense financial crisis we have gone through?

    I just read that a Federal fraud unit was getting back a great return on every dollar with the saving in the billions. I believe Obama will set more of them loose in his second term and clean up the welfare mess that 8 years of Bush left behind. :jj:

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