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MMA Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Ferrall' started by Fluffhead, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. fatbastard Full Member

    I don't care for Sonnen but hopes he or someone actually makes Anderson have to work at least.
  2. Fluffhead Full Member

    I think he will make him work. He might even put Silva on his back. I just hope Silva wins. Sonnen is really getting to be annoying at this point.
  3. Fluffhead Full Member

  4. wearly1977 Full Member

    I hope Chael wins..fuck Silva. He runs around like a bitch..i hope he gets his ass beat!!
  5. Fluffhead Full Member

    Runs like a bitch? If that was true he would not be 10-0 in the UFC. He has 5 first round KOs in those 10 fights. Pretty impressive for a guy who "runs like a bitch".
  6. captainwalker Full Member

    Huerta "curbstomped" that idiot. I wonder how long it was until the thug realized he fucked with the wrong guy.
  7. wearly1977 Full Member

    If he acts like he did in the last 2 fights, he will be fighing in Strikeforce or Japan because Dana is going to cut his ass.
  8. Fluffhead Full Member

    His last fight was pretty lame, Ill give you that.

    But the fight before that he KOd Griffin in RD1. Whats wrong with that? Its not Andersons fault Forrest Griffin was an inferior fighter.

    The last time Dana claimed he would cut Silva, Anderson spoke with Scott Coker of Strikeforce at one of their events. The next day the UFC offered Anderson the Sonnen fight. Dana runs his mouth just like Sonnen does. They both are fucked come Saturday night.
  9. Fluffhead Full Member

    The UFC claims it is going after internet piracy of their live streams. I guess we will find out tonight.
    I am actually buying this one. It is a stacked card and I dont mind paying the 50$ to watch it live.

    But if you dont want to is the first link i have found
  10. Fluffhead Full Member

    more links on
  11. Fluffhead Full Member

    Dos Santos KO2
    Guida DEC
    Fitch DEC
    Hughes TKO 2
    Silva KO 2
  12. Fluffhead Full Member

    Guida over Dos Anos
    Hughes over Almeida
    Fitch over Alves

    American Wrestlers are dominating Brazilians tonight.

    Will it continue in the Silva fight???
  13. CrazyLocoDude Full Member

    Thats a tap. Anderson is a badass.
  14. neill420 Full Member

    what a fucking joke, how can u not see that shit coming all he had to do was lay ontop of him for 2 more minutes
  15. LarryHorseFucker Full Member

    Not impressed at all.....dominated for 4 1/2 pound for pound in the world though :lol:
  16. fathead3381 Full Member

    Silva looked like shit until he got lucky. Dude was completely dominated.
  17. olemetry Full Member

    that was the best ufc in a long, long time
  18. Fluffhead Full Member

    5 for 5

    Pretty good card overall.

    Sonnen almost pulled it off.
  19. Fluffhead Full Member

    Americans 3
    Brazilians 2

    great card
  20. nedmark61 Full Member

    how in the fuck are you gonna talk shit about that?? dude is a world class fighter/wrestler and he was on top of the best pound 4 pound fighter in the world... not to mention a WORLD class BJJ guy.... do watch WWE bro...
  21. Fluffhead Full Member

    Coming in to this fight, I hated Sonnen. But after the fight it is hard to talk shit about his performance. He went after it 100%.Sonnen did all he could do to finish Silva. He even held his own during the stand up action. Silva showed a lot of heart and one hell of a chin. He took some big blows on the bottom. First round was brutal.

    Congrats to Sonnen for giving everything he had.
  22. Fluffhead Full Member

  23. captainwalker Full Member

    Sonnen/Silva must have a rematch, that was one hell of a comeback by Silva, Sonnen should been ready for that triangle and played it safe. But that's just the way the dude fights 100% effort even with 2min left in a 5 round fight. He made his name last night even in defeat. That fight was amazing.

    I think Silva will be better prepared for a rematch, and with Steven Segal in his corner how can he lose?
  24. pi nate

    pi nate SFN Supporter

    great fight!! Shocking during even more so after!!!!
  25. Fluffhead Full Member

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