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MMA Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Ferrall' started by Fluffhead, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Fluffhead Full Member

    At 9PM EST Vitor weighed in at 205.6 Johnson 211

    Buzz on the forums is saying Johnson better win in impressive fashion or else he will be cut from the UFC roster. Dana is still pissed. But, having said that, Dana always talks a lot of shit and eventually calms down.
  2. Fluffhead Full Member

    • Champ Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes (for featherweight title)
    • Vitor Belfort vs. Anthony Johnson
    • Mike Massenzio vs. Rousimar Palhares
    • Carlo Prater vs. Erick Silva
    • Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim
    My Picks
  3. Dr Remulak Full Member

    Any links to the ppv. isn't there one or something like that... hook some bro's up!
  4. Fluffhead Full Member
  5. elway0798 Full Member

  6. p1nker

    p1nker SFN Gold Supporter

    Etim is gonna be goofy for days after that.. wow
  7. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    He can volunteer to fight a LHW bout next time and stop with the games. The worst part is that Vitor had to make a cut for no reason. If Johnson had just been honest earlier, then it could have been catchweight of 195 lb a lot sooner and both would have benefited.

    It is not as bad as what Nate Marquardt did. Johnson now can't be trusted in a title fight situaton where there isn't even the one pound allowance. I remember an early Anderson Silva title bout where the challenger came in a few pounds over and Silva still worked him; it couldn't be for the title though.
  8. elway0798 Full Member

    BULLSHIT ruling..
  9. p1nker

    p1nker SFN Gold Supporter

    Yamasaki isn't going to leave his hotel room tonight....
  10. Fluffhead Full Member

    I agree. Ive seen a lot worse. Hell, Ive seen the Belfort vs Franklin highlight 20 times tonight and in that fight Vitor wailed on the back of Franklin's head after he was down. Sucks for Silva. I thought it was pretty cool that Joe put Yamasaki on the spot. Usually a good ref, might have fucked up this time
  11. p1nker

    p1nker SFN Gold Supporter

    anyone else watching on sopcast? audio keeps dying on me
  12. p1nker

    p1nker SFN Gold Supporter

    anyone else watching on sopcast? audio keeps dying on me
  13. elway0798 Full Member

    nope im on vipbox.. Been working fine..
  14. ynnek4 Full Member

    good win for belfort
  15. Lou Lamoriello Full Member

    I thank the Gods Vitor won that fight :)
  16. Fluffhead Full Member

    This has great potential to be a boring 5 round fight. Hopefully Aldo comes out aggressive and this thing ends quickly
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  17. Fluffhead Full Member

    Yep, glad Vitor won but those stand-ups seemed a bit quick. The last one for sure, Johnson was trying to work for better position and throwing some punches and it was still stood up.
  18. Fluffhead Full Member

    What's the name of it? Is it online somewhere?
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  19. elway0798 Full Member

    Some nice KOs tonight..
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  20. Fluffhead Full Member

    Dana said 3 strikes and you're out about Johnson's weight issues. Doesn't look good for Rumble
  21. mikesbandit Full Member

    Johnson looked awkward with the added weight. Too top heavy. Not disceplined enough to cut to 185 for Belfort fight.
  22. evilbob

    evilbob SFN Gold Supporter

    Dana is talking about doing an event in a Brazilian soccer stadium. The main event would be Sonnen/Silva II. I see a riot in Brazil's future

    Dana White Says Silva vs. Sonnen 2 Would be in a Soccer Stadium

    It’s no secret that a soccer stadium is on the UFC’s radar. The promotion has been rumored to be scouting locations in Sao Paulo, Brazil for early summer, which is coincidentally the time frame for injured middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s return to the Octagon.
    UFC president Dana White hasn’t exactly taken a hard stance in deflecting the rumors of a record-breaking show in Brazil.
    “What happens is you guys get all this sneaky information and then I say stuff at the press conference and my whole crew says, ‘What are you doing?’” White commented following UFC 139, before adding, “I don’t know if we’re going to Sao Paulo in June and if Anderson Silva is headlining the card. I have no clue. That would be awesome though,” a coy grin plastered across his face.
    In a recent outtake from the new UFC Tonight series on Fuel TV, White all but confirmed that if Chael Sonnen is victorious over Mark Munoz this month at UFC on Fox 2, a rematch with Silva is on tap for a soccer stadium in South America.
    “Obviously if Sonnen faces Anderson Silva, that’ll be a hot ticket. People all over the world will want to see that fight,” said the UFC boss. “If that fight goes down, it will probably be in Brazil and it will probably be in a soccer stadium.”
  23. Shawn91111 Full Member

    Vitor could have made it a cacthweight but would not have recieved 20% of AJ's fight purse. He said he was contracted at 185, did his job, was a professional and wanted to weigh in at 185

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