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MMA Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Ferrall' started by Fluffhead, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    Ok, but...they [Belfort's camp] didn't find out until the morning of the weigh ins, and Belfort had already made the cut.

    By that time, there was no point in making it catch-weight. He was already at 185lbs so therefore naturally wanted to weigh in at the limit.

    What I mean is that sometime last week, Johnson's manager should have called the UFC and informed them that Johnson was [insert excuse]. At around one week ago, Belfort was likely starting his cut. If he had known that Johnson wants it to be 195, then he could have eaten better and been more hydrated for those few days before weigh in.
  2. Shawn91111 Full Member

    A week out you want AJ's manager to call the UFC and say he might not be able to make weight? Has anyone ever done this? No not unless there is medical issue. Now depending if you believe his camp or not, AJ said he was on point to make weight and woke up the morning at 190, which 4lbs over the amount is not a big deal at all. Nobody knows the truth, and nobody is calling a week out to say he might not make weight unless there is a medical issue.
  3. Fluffhead Full Member

    Munoz out Bisping in vs Sonnen
  4. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    Yeah, cause it is totally better to wait until the morning of the weigh ins. o_O;)

    There you go. He was let go from the UFC, it was a lot more than waking up at 190. He is supposed to be 186 lbs...maybe 3 or 4 pounds. Hallman recently fought at 158 lbs for his LW bout and won. He said during the octagon interview to put an asterisk next to this win because he doesn't consider it an actual victory. He is not proud of missing weight. Johnson thinks it is a joke. The UFC can't have this negative weight issue associated with them, it comes too close to bulimia and eating disorder territory.

    Hallman knows never to miss weight again, otherwise he could lose his job. Hallman has been warned. Johnson had been warned twice already.

    The UFC has a good image right now. After that last SF event and the bad officiating, combined with King Mo Lawal and Cyborg testing positive for PEDs, it makes the UFC even more vigilant in distancing itself with controversy, hence the recent 'rape twitter' remarks were dealt with quickly and effectively.

    Other than Chael and Thiago Silva, who else used PEDs in the UFC in the past year or so?

    Anthony Johnson's UFC 142 weigh-in will live in MMA infamy.
    (Getty Images)

    Mailbag: Johnson’s self-inflicted UFC demise;_y...9Eo14?slug=ki-iole_mailbag_johnson_ufc_011712
  5. Shawn91111 Full Member

    He woke at 190, you know how many fighters wake up 5+ lbs over their target weight the day of the weigh ins? Come on man. Who the hell cares what speedo Hallman has to say, honestly.
  6. Fluffhead Full Member

    Just to weigh in on this whole weighing in thing. Eric Schafer, who is as professional as it gets weighed in at 199 this evening. He fights Friday at 185 and considers himself on track for a smooth weight cut......
  7. Fluffhead Full Member

    Check this video out. A very cool look into how guys cut weight and the "tricks" they apply.

    PS make sure you watch Red fight on Fuel Friday!!

  8. ynnek4 Full Member

    man, that looks like hell.
  9. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    You say that as if it means something. So what? He weighed in at 197 lbs and that is the only number that matters. He likely was 190 lbs when he went to sleep before 'waking up at 190'.

    I don't see how what he woke up at matters. Was he supposed to magically lose 5 whole pounds while he was sleeping? Please don't tell me that was his M.O.

    When Hallman said, 'Please hurry Jesus because we are barely hanging on down here', he was 100% correct. He apologized for the weight issue (+3); that is how you handle it if you fuck up.

    On Twitter, Johnson acted like he was doing everyone a favor by doing this weight cut and therefore when the doc said to rehydrate, he put on 7 pounds and went from 190 to 197.

    No one cares about any of that. The UFC doesn't stand for it.... and I am glad they are making MMA an acceptable sport that belongs next to NBA games on network programming such as FOX.

    Yes, FOX did spray paint the mat in the octagon so that no blood showed for the one fight that aired on TV, but that made it easier to see Dos Santos and Cain, good contrast. Also, if any blood was spilled, you would notice it more. I think that blood was expected, so they wanted a clean canvas with which to make art. We will see for sure at the next FOX event and how blood is handled.
  10. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    Ain't nobody missing the fights... nigga.
    Weight cut is like the testosterone replacement. As long as you don't do too much and don't test with elevated levels, you will be fine. However, fighters who may have a legit need for the hormones often take too much as think they have an excuse. Hendo is one who uses it, but keeps his levels normal. It just makes him the same as he used to be before he got old....41 years.

    The oldest NBA player is only about 39.
  11. evilbob

    evilbob SFN Gold Supporter

    I'm watching the weigh-ins and they said the UFC has a instituted new policy of testing for peds before offering someone a contract
  12. Fluffhead Full Member

    Yep, read that the other day and love the new policy. Regional mma events are loaded with juicers who rarely get tested.
  13. evilbob

    evilbob SFN Gold Supporter

    It was kind of funny to listen to Stephan Bonnar talk about what a good idea it is
  14. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    Shafer got the L again. There is a move that some fighters do where they keep their head low to the ground and have a knee and hand on the mat so they can't be head kicked, and they look up to see where their opponent is. Shafer went for Rivera's foot and had his head low, but the difference is that he wasn't looking up and therefore couldn't see the punch coming.

    It was an awkward move to be down so low almost trying to drag Rivera down by the foot desperatley because he is too tired to get up to his own feet.

    Not just talking about Shafer, but getting to the feet when given openings and oppotunities and then failing to do so is the number one effect of tiring out. They get stuck down there.

    Is he against fighting at 205 lb maybe at a more natural weight? Rivera retired with the W. It was fate.
  15. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    Sonnen now says that Silva is fit for retirement and there won't likely be a fight. Silva apparently is afraid to enter the octagon with Sonnen after what happened last time.

    It seems plausible that Silva could call it a career after this recent trouble. Sonnen would then focus on GSP or Bones Jones.
  16. Fluffhead Full Member

    Not sure why, because he trains his off, but gassing has been a problem with Eric before. His first run in the UFC was at 205.

    He still has one fight left on his contract, but he was pretty down after the fight. He might give up on his fighting career and focus on his gym in Milwaukee.
  17. Fluffhead Full Member

    Come on, Sonnen is just running his mouth again. Anderson is not going to retire. First Sonnen said he was faking an injury. Dana was forced to answer questions about that subject. Once that was cleared up Sonnen started in with this retirement talk. As long as Sonnen doesn't Fuck around and lose to Bisping, fail another drug test or commit another felony....Sonnen vs Silva II will happen this summer. Anderson will be 100% healthy this time, beat Sonnen again and we can all get back to Silva vs GSP discussion
  18. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    GSP has to stay at 170 in order to take out Diaz....then there is still Johny Hendricks, Ellenberger, and Thiago Alves. Georges lost a lot of time with the injury.
    If not retiring, Silva has 4 fights left regardless of contract length. After that, he vacates the title. GSP might not have time to handle the WW division and then move up to 185 lb.
  19. evilbob

    evilbob SFN Gold Supporter

    Just another roundabout way of calling Silva a coward and hyping the fight
  20. Fluffhead Full Member

    GSP has already beaten Alves, I'm not sure there is a need to see that fight again. Between Diaz,Condit,Hendricks and Ellenberger at the very least one of them will be out of the picture this time next year. If he beats Diaz/Condit and Ellenberger/Hendricks I think his job at WW will be done. If Alves is able to take out 2 more top contenders he would also get back in that mix. That leaves GSP with 3 more fights.....the timing could be perfect for a Silva fight....assuming he doesn't move up to 205 to finish his career
  21. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    What matters most is your last fight. This is the reason that Ortiz is desperate for one more fight and a Win.

    Alves' near TKO, then submission of Papy Abedi showed top technique.

    A dec. loss to GSP does not count that much against him, but like you said, two more wins.
    Those top WWs will undoubtedly take care of each other, leaving only the most skilled.

    Alves facing Kampmann on March 3. Alves will have to stop the fight in order to move up to tougher bouts.

    Ellenberger vs Diego Sanchez on Feb 15. Neither Ellenberger nor Hendricks has a KO/TKO loss. Alves has one TKO loss to Fitch.

    I don't think there is anyone at 205 that is worth it to Anderson Silva (other than Jones, of course). It can be argued that his wins at LHW over Irvin and Griffin aren't representative of typical 205 opposition. Testing that water again is dangerous.

    Forget about Hendo vs Silva at 205 since Silva would only take that one at 185 if at all.
  22. evilbob

    evilbob SFN Gold Supporter

    Press conference highlights

  23. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    I see the opposite. Sonnen is saying that Silva is scared, but not that he is a coward in retiring. Someone retires when they need to. Lesnar wasn't a coward, but he was scared.

    There is no fight to hype. Get a date and a location and then there is something to hype.

    If Silva thought he would lose, he wouldn't fight. Lesnar thought he had to fight.

    The only way that Sonnen could call Silva a coward is if he prevails over Bisping and then failed to get a commitment from Anderson for the summer. Right now, it is fear.

    Lots of fighters are scared... but they can still win. Not every winner is a beast.

    On MFC tonight, announcer Pat Militich made the comment that the particular fighter we were watching probably didn't even know his own name at this point in the 3rd round and was fighting off of instinct.

    When a fighter is really hurt, the only thing he knows is that he is in a fight.
  24. evilbob

    evilbob SFN Gold Supporter

    What I get from the comment is Sonnen saying that Silva is so afraid of him he'd rather retire than face him again. Sonnen says stuff he knows isn't true just to get under the skin of guys he wants to fight
  25. Fluffhead Full Member

    I'm taking cheat and Rashad both by decision.

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