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More Pictures From Super Fan RoundTable 8/3

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by otto23, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. otto23 Full Member

    Thank You Mutt for having me on again!

    A bunch of these were taken by Lori, so if a picture came out bad I'm not taking the blame :D

    Our new SFN logo, properly displayed by Lori....

  2. otto23 Full Member

    Mutt, Otto, BigFoot Marc, Joey Boots, Lori, Steve Grillo....

  3. otto23 Full Member

    Lori, Jason Kaplan....
  4. otto23 Full Member

    Kimba, Boots....
  5. otto23 Full Member

    Our shy superfan Lori....

  6. Nursegrrl8 Full Member

    Kimba searching SFN :)
  7. otto23 Full Member

    Just chillin'....

  8. Blu

    Blu SFN Gold Supporter

    :) :D;)
  9. otto23 Full Member

    Mutt, SiriusDude....
  10. otto23 Full Member

    Have fun photoshoppers....
  11. otto23 Full Member

  12. jaybird5252 Full Member


    Wow, Lori looks great! Jaw dropping to the ground!
  13. otto23 Full Member

  14. otto23 Full Member

  15. otto23 Full Member

    Boots getting pumped for the show....

  16. otto23 Full Member

    Grillo with a salute....

  17. Robery Full Member

  18. otto23 Full Member

    Don Mutt....

  19. Lori

    Lori VIP: SFRT Regular

    Robery, I can hook you up with Grillo if you want?
  20. otto23 Full Member

  21. Robery Full Member


    What are the chances you can hook me up with you?
  22. otto23 Full Member

    The rest of these are locked in my secret vault :D

  23. Michael Angelo

    Michael Angelo SFN Gold Supporter

    holy shit lori is hot
  24. Lori

    Lori VIP: SFRT Regular

    I think I put too much glitter on, I should have worn panties.
  25. otto23 Full Member

    Boots, SiriusDude....


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