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My wife niece's saw Adam Sandler's big penis

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by longdongbong, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Mr. Hole

    Mr. Hole SFN Supporter

  2. STEVE442 Full Member

    That's the age when they start to think about the penis :D
  3. super_not

    super_not SFN Gold Supporter

    pic of adam sandlers penis NOW
  4. Johnnybecool Full Member

    huh.... I always thought Adam Sandler had a vagina.... Well I guess you never know these days :)
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  5. Pancho Villa Full Member

    a couple actresses/models have said he has a big dick. i remember howard being pissed about it.


    oh.. he slept with angie everhart. that's how the conversation started.
  6. Flick Full Member

  7. Greasy_Fungus

    Greasy_Fungus SFN Gold Supporter

    If I had a big dick, I'd be able to make funny movies too.
  8. manure Full Member

    No you wouldn't.
  9. Greasy_Fungus

    Greasy_Fungus SFN Gold Supporter

    Fuck you. My movies would be fuckin funny as fuck if I had a big dick.
  10. don fredo

    don fredo SFN Gold Supporter

    they would be date movie funny.
  11. Greasy_Fungus

    Greasy_Fungus SFN Gold Supporter

    I never saw Date Movie, but because of this post, I choose to believe that it was funny--as fuck.
  12. Erleichda Full Member

    I would think your wife's niece is your niece too. Hopefully, she'll get a better gift this Xmas.
  13. Erleichda Full Member

    Watch it, but please smoke pot first.
  14. don fredo

    don fredo SFN Gold Supporter

    date move is as funny as a child with rabies....which may seem funny, but after you sleep on it, its not funny at all.
  15. WickedAwesome Full Member

    I trully enjoy Sandler's movies. Why is beyond me, but I truly do. I LOL at every one of them.

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