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My wife wants a lap dance

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by sathack, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. sathack Full Member

    My wife wants me to take her to a strip club. She claims she wants a lap dance from a woman . Is this good or bad?

    The way she told was absolutely random. This is what worries me.
  2. djequipment Full Member

    You should have plans for tonite then.....

    Bring her, it's all good!
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  3. Tallblondemale

    Tallblondemale SFN Gold Supporter

    Your wife probably just wants to explore some of her long suppressed fantasies with your approval and the safety of having you there.

    She simply wants to stick her tongue up the pussy of another women as far as it can go and make the woman scream like Nicole Brown Simpson getting 'OJ'ed.'

    You're fucked dude.

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  4. hendrix5150 Full Member

    I tell you this my man... one time me and my buddies brought a few of our girlfriends (female friends) to the strip club because they were interested in going and checking it out to see what it was like. Let me tell you, they got a lap dance and wanted more. So we must have bought them 4 lap dances with different girls. And they were fucking loving every minute of it. Matter of fact when we wanted to leave they wanted to stay. So we told them we would meet them at the bar later, and right before we left there they were both going into the VIP room together with a stripper for another lap dance.... hahahaha.

    On another note.. my radio buddy and I had to do a radio remote about two years ago at this all male review show hahahahah.. needless to say we didnt get the same spark from what our female friends had at the Gentlemens club hahaha. But the women were damn horny for sure all around us. But man how gay did we feel laughs!
  5. qual Probationary Member

    tis a good thing dude
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