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Name all the pornstars that have been on the howard stern show

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by knu3421, May 11, 2010.

  1. knu3421 Full Member

    Lets see how many we can name

    1. jenna jameson

  2. Player 1 Full Member

    2. tera patrick
    3. jesse jane
  3. deth Full Member

    buck angel
    • This user has been removed from public view.
  4. Player 1 Full Member

    4. bree olson

  5. kiiski Full Member

    That girl who was so hot and natural when she started in porn at age 18, but now is completely jaded and a victim of too much plastic surgery.
  6. soretesticals Full Member

    5. Your mom. I couldn't resist. :D
  7. Musial6 Full Member

    Nico Treasures

    Tera Patrick

    Who was that chick who came in with her dad?
  8. Delaware

    Delaware SFN Gold Supporter

    john the stutterer
  9. Freds Pubes Full Member

  10. boonfarmer Full Member

    Shawna Lenee
    Sunny Leone
  11. jeepguy05 Full Member

    Tegan & Cytheria
    Tabitha Stevens
    Flower Tucci
    Shy Love
    Carmen Luvana
    Amy Lynn

    this thread would almost be better to name a porn star who HASN'T been on the show.
  12. Salud Full Member

    Tory Lane
    Shy Love
    Savanna Sampson
    Tabitha Stevens
    Lexi Belle
    Gianna Michaels
    Shyla Stylez
  13. boonfarmer Full Member

    Crystal Clear. Best Artie/Howard TV ep. ever
  14. Mr. Masshole Full Member

    Taylor Rain.
  15. waysouthsubz Full Member

    Do you mean crystal klein? I think she played piano or some musical instrument? That chick was fucking hot & it was a good appearance. Richard christy was in there for that one too.

    I'll add another name...

    Gianna Michaels
  16. worldvid

    worldvid Well-Known Member

    I forget her name but she was one of mine. We were shooting a scene and I'm sitting with her dad in the next room while his darling daughter is getting pounded up the ass. I was a bit beyond creeped out. Afterward we were all sitting around. She was on the phone with her mom discussing picking up the ingredients for S'mores. Kind of surreal. A little trivia, she was the chick that Richard played Blackjack to win a "date" with during one of the Vegas shows. Back when Richard was just a listener...............
    AH, I remember Nikki Norwood.
  17. Mojopin Full Member


    Blue Iris

    Danni Ashe

    Leanna Heart
  18. boonfarmer Full Member

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Crystal Clear Fights With Artie.avi[/nomedia]

    This chick came in talking about loving how she has the most vile things done to her (pissing etc), and she's a ray of sunshine through it all, but when Artie makes a stupid joke about offering her a chocolate covered Twinkie or something because she must be used to black things with cream coming out of them (her bf was a black guy), she got all weepy and retarded. The full radio version is on YouTube as well, in 6 parts
  19. JackBauer24 Full Member

    Don't forget "Fuck me, Raven" Alexis.

    Get the poison out...
  20. McMannus Full Member

    I don't know I always turn that shit off.
  21. Dominic GPS Full Member

    lil lupe
    taylor hayes
  22. PittsburghDude Full Member

    Shy Love

    Janine Lindemulder

  23. Artie's36jeans Probationary Member

  24. dalsh327 Full Member

    All the people who put celeb porns out with or without their consent, because they made those companies wealthy.

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