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NYT: Sirius Reports Revenue and Subscriber Growth in 2012

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Precious, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. LessMoonbeams Full Member

    Good news as Stern was always #1 in cars this
    means using Sternian mathematics Howie has 125 million
    listeners !!!! excellent ......still no budget for a writer however
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  2. nearly.normal Full Member

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  3. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    Haters everywhere scream in anger!

    If its good news, Howard has no influence over it. If its bad news, its Howard's fault. Right?
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  4. BOXofROX Full Member

    #1 in cars!!! this is amazing news ...Howard is also #1 on bicycles and skateboards!!!
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  5. Earl Turner

    Earl Turner Closed by User

    I'd like to see the actual new subscriber numbers, not the amount of new cars that give away the product for free. I'd also like to see the number of people who canceled the service, too. That's the only way to accurately gauge "growth."

    You won't see those figures anywhere - that's for sure.
  6. Earl Turner

    Earl Turner Closed by User

    Stern was never #1 in cars, that was Imus.

    Hoard is #1 around radios that have 10 or more people crowded around to "see what he's going to say next."
  7. nearly.normal Full Member

  8. Seventh Cavalry Probationary Member

    I’ve been a subscriber to Sirius for a number of years and I didn’t subscribe because of Howard I subscribed because I was a talk radio fan before Rush; in my area all they had was rightwing talk radio so that’s the reason I went with Sat Radio so I could listen to all sides. I forgot Howard did the move to Sat Radio. I started listening and became a fan. They did have Howard in the Austin area but that station stopped broadcasting the show. I will say I think the show is much better on Satellite and I think he’s one of the best interviewers around. I listen online all day at work, I have XM in my truck, and two radios at the house, one in the living room, the other in my Cavalry Cave.
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  9. FrankieBNYC

    FrankieBNYC Closed by User

    You beat me to it

    Self-pay net subscriber additions improved by 41% to approximately 529,000 in the fourth quarter of 2012 from approximately 374,000 in the fourth quarter of 2011.
  10. !!!kaboom!!! Full Member

    Well, even the free subs count as they make money off of commercials. More listeners equals higher ad rates.
  11. DrugDealer Full Member

    Yeah Howard has zero to do with it. Must be the Oprah channel. Derp. :joyful: :showoff:
  12. LessMoonbeams Full Member

  13. Vidiot Full Member

    The other number they don't quote are the number of subscribers who pay a steep discount for Sirius, vs. people who pay the full $12.95 a month. Once you cut out the discounted people and the people coasting on a "free" trial subscription in a new car, they'd be lucky if it were 10,000,000 people.
  14. Head Censor Full Member

    Now, if only we could figure out some way to get the owners of those cars to actually pay for a subscription..... :jj:
  15. nearly.normal Full Member

    A- Why do the people who pay for a discounted sub not count? They are still willing paid subscribers.
    B- Ironic you quote the guy bitching about numbers not being made available which actually are and then you bitch about the same thing. Read the fucking report.
  16. in other words

    in other words Closed by User

    hey 2 million is 2 million
    thats more money to the company
  17. tom's cancer Full Member

    everyone is making BILLIONS AND BILLIONS!!!
  18. FrankieBNYC

    FrankieBNYC Closed by User

    As far as the "free" trials
    They count because the car dealerships cover the cost

    Don't let facts get in the way of posting

  19. dillon24 Full Member

    I just cancelled 2 subscriptions.. they offered it at half price as usual and I said "nah" it's still too expensive.. they then for some reason game me 2 free months and cancelled me
  20. epacop Full Member

    Howard had very little, if anything to do with it. New car sales accounted for most, if not all of that growth. I doubt very many people base their car buying decisions on whether or not it comes with Sirius so that they can listen to him. Not to mention the fact that over 2 million subscriptions were cancelled last year, that he can take credit for.
  21. JMG975 Full Member

    Hmm, with all those new subscribers I wonder why they annoy the piss out of me with constant postal/email begging to renew at a reduced price? Cars are the best medium for Sirius. When you listen for more than the average commute, you begin to realize they play the same songs over and over daily just on different channels. I have heard the Rod Stewart song Maggie May 5 times in an 8 hour work shift before. I cancelled Howard in December 2011 and switched to the mostly music package then cancelled everything 2 months later because of the repeated play lists.

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