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Obamacare: 17 Trillion funding gap

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SorryBoss, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. SorryBoss Full Member

    Senator Jeff Sessions claims his staff read the entire healthcare bill and came to the conclusion there is actually a 17 trillion dollar funding gap. Says he'll be forwarding his findings to the government accountability office so they can do their own independent investigation. Not good if true.

  2. NC-Stern-Mark

    NC-Stern-Mark Closed by User

    He is very credible, more so than the CBO which must be a bunch of Kenyan-born, muslim, sleeper agents. :cautious:
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  3. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    It was really only a matter of time until the true costs came out... hopefully the supreme court takes care of the whole matter so it doesn't have to get really ugly.
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  4. NC-Stern-Mark

    NC-Stern-Mark Closed by User

    I wonder how ALL THE OTHER INDUSTRIALIZED NATIONS IN THE WEST manage to provide health care to their citizens?

    No, I already know how, I don't wonder...

    Because their citizens are a LOT FUCKING SMARTER...
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  5. UNCLE BUCK Full Member

    If by a lot smarter, you mean unwillingly paying a lot more for much less while watching their leaders rush here (for our shitty healthcare services) when they are seriously ill, then you are spot on. Healthcare is a finite commodity. Like all other finite commodities, it will always be rationed by the Market. It doesn't matter if said Market is free, centrally planned or any combination in between. A free Market distributes goods most equitably and efficiently. These qualities also bring about more innovation. A centrally planned Market distributes goods less equitably and efficiently. Such cumbersome Markets rarely produce innovation. There is a reason the US has more than double the number of MRI units per capita than our more intelligently populated peer nations. There is also a reason that we invented it.
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  6. Swishbaby

    Swishbaby Closed by User

    What he said. The Brits have such nice teeth too. Must be the stellar dental care they have.
  7. NC-Stern-Mark

    NC-Stern-Mark Closed by User

    You speak as if our system is good but meanwhile our life expectancy, cancer survival rates and infant mortality are below that of other nations that spend less and have the dreaded "centrally planned market" you have been taught to fear. :rolleyes:

    And just because a few foreign elitists come here throwing money around trying to get health-care doesn't mean we have a good model. That's an indictment of our system, not a benefit. Our health care system is not even a system, its a fucking mess.
  8. Jackie's Career Full Member

    And it's much shittier healthcare. Don't forget that part. There's a reason so many clinics exist within a five mile drive from the Canadian border.
  9. Jackie's Career Full Member

    Comparing a racially diverse society to homogeneous ones.... yaaay smart.
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  10. zimmie Full Member

    they're paying $200 a filling out of pocket just like we are
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  11. Jackie's Career Full Member

    Plus they throw out scripts for analgesics like nobody's business.
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  12. KingOfAllWhites

    KingOfAllWhites SFN Gold Supporter

    US is broke also yet does not provide healthcare. So that shows universal healthcare does not equal being broke. You can go broke many many different ways, like the USA did.

    Good try!

    Glad you understand :)
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  13. Howard Stearn

    Howard Stearn SFN Supporter

  14. R.U. Stupid Full Member

    Your wrong on Germany. In spite of the other EURO Nations falling apart economically, Germany's economy remains strong.

    “Hiring hasn’t halted this quarter after the fourth- quarter contraction,” said Thomas Costerg, an economist at Standard Chartered Bank in London. It “says a lot about the underlying strength of the German economy.” Unemployment will continue to decline in coming months as the pace of economic growth accelerates, he said.
    Falling joblessness underscores Germany’s resilience in the face of the debt crisis that Chancellor Angela Merkel says may have peaked. While the 17-member euro-region economy will shrink 0.3 percent in 2012, Germany’s economy will grow 0.6 percent, the European Commission forecast. Investor confidence is at its highest in 21 months and business confidence at an 8-month high."
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  15. Howard Stearn

    Howard Stearn SFN Supporter

    Yeah it's just because of that...:rolleyes:
  16. UNCLE BUCK Full Member

    I hope you understand why the manipulated statistics (MSNBC talking points) appear to denigrate our relative place in the world. Our life expectancy is shorter because you lefties have both destroyed the family unit and housed the resulting brood mares and their litters in urban shooting galleries where 30 is like old age. Our cancer survival ranks where it does because when you have the ability to diagnose and treat it, it ends up on the death certificate. When you use a forked willow branch and eye of newt to dowse and cure an illness or if you are unfortunate enough to die while waiting to see a doctor "natural causes" fills the blank. I am not sure about the infant mortality - I would think that would be a positive to you pro-choice types - not sure why you brought it up.

    The reason the elitists come here is because they can afford to.

    I agree that our system is a mess. It is a mess because the Market has been planned. Your solution is more planning. The solution is less.
  17. Howard Stearn

    Howard Stearn SFN Supporter

  18. R.U. Stupid Full Member

    Your fundamental point is wrong.
    There are plenty of countries that you haven't listed that have National healthcare and their economies are doing pretty well. Germany happens to be one of them, Austria and Japan are others. All are strong economically.

    I'm not trying to deflect anything, you said Germany was "getting there like us". I corrected you. It happens.
  19. NC-Stern-Mark

    NC-Stern-Mark Closed by User

    No planning...

    Keep dreaming, the "free market" is a myth.
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