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Obamacare Cost Rise 111 BILLION BEFORE It Begins

Discussion in 'Politics' started by booybob, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    You compare weather to healthcare? What a fucking clueless idiot you are. I never saw a hurricane that helped people....
  2. R.U. Stupid Full Member

    Your DMV has control over your body? :eek!:
    Isn't that a state agency dummy?
    Tax and control, sounds like the republican plan for women's reproductive health.
  3. R.U. Stupid Full Member

    "The Energy and Commerce Committee came up with its increase by mixing apples and oranges. It compared the gross cost of insurance coverage provisions calculated for 2010-2019 (that’s the $938 billion number) with new figures for a different budget window, 2012-2021 (that’s the $1.445 trillion figure.) That’s kind of like saying the cost of pizza went up by comparing last year’s price for a 12-inch pie with this year’s price for a 16-inch pie."

    “Over the eight-year period that is common to all three analyses (2012 through 2019), the latest estimate of the net cost of the coverage provisions ($794 billion) differs by only about 2 percent from the original estimate ($778 billion); the projected gross costs . . . differ by only about 4 percent over that period.”

    "Critics of the health care bill need to recheck their math. The CBO’s new numbers do not suggest any noticeable increase in the cost estimates.
    The Energy and Commerce Committee in particular used different time frames to come up with a wildly inflated number, and thus earns Three Pinocchios."

  4. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    You're misusing health statistics to justify a position that our model isn't efficient, which neglects too many factors... Has been done to death in other threads.

    But look at you burping up left-wing semen... Sorry dude, I like the old Mark better.
  5. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    No, I used your logic to show you how dumb your train of thought was.
    I should have predicted it would go right over your head.

    If I weren't posting from an iPhone Id add the billy pic here. Just use your imagination...

    Note to RU: A blog post? Over an AP article that directly pulls figures from the President's budget... Wow.
  6. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

  7. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    trip... wow... server issues for SFN
  8. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    4x... this wll up the post count...
  9. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    5x... I checked back because the server timed out a bunch and walked into this... more editing still....
  10. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    6x... finally done...
  11. R.U. Stupid Full Member

    about the author:
    Glenn Kessler
    In an award-winning journalism career spanning nearly three decades, Glenn Kessler, who writes “The Fact Checker” column, has covered foreign policy, economic policy, the White House, Congress, politics, airline safety and Wall Street. He was The Washington Post’s chief State Department reporter for nine years, traveling around the world with three different Secretaries of State. Before that, he covered tax and budget policy for The Washington Post and also served as the newspaper’s national business editor. In 2007, St. Martins Press published his widely acclaimed book on Condoleezza Rice, The Confidante. Kessler appears frequently on television and has lectured widely on U.S. foreign policy.
    My mistake,
    You are obviously WAY brighter!!!!
  12. eekabug Full Member

    Yeah and have the Government near your famlies health care. Wow you are in for a surprise.
  13. ricky

    ricky SFN Gold Supporter

    Here is the BIG HINT, folks,

    the fucking program hasn't started yet....

    Get it? Obama deferred the program until AFTER the election.

    This is what you need to realize. This is why he is such a fraud and liar. Why all of you are being lied to....willingly.
    blargy likes this.
  14. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    Do you shovel snow before it falls ?
  15. NC-Stern-Mark

    NC-Stern-Mark Closed by User

    And naturally you had No answer, only more right-wing-bullshit. You proved you're a shit-fer-brains dupe.
    mambojambo and BillyfrSPhilly like this.
  16. NC-Stern-Mark

    NC-Stern-Mark Closed by User

    The government ALREADY handles health-care for many MILLIONS of families, for many decades.

    Guess what dupe, the sky has not fallen yet.
    BillyfrSPhilly likes this.
  17. NC-Stern-Mark

    NC-Stern-Mark Closed by User

    The government ALREADY handles health-care for many MILLIONS of families, for many decades.

    Guess what dupe, the sky has not fallen yet.
    BillyfrSPhilly likes this.
  18. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    It can not be said enough to the Chicken Littles like Blargy !
  19. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    Oh, now that we know who wrote it, it isn't a blog post anymore? And the Obama budget line item didn't grow mysteriously then?

    You can't make this shit up.
  20. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    Really? How much dumber can you get? Are you just doing schtick?

  21. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    Medicare is going bankrupt. I have yet to see a government program run where I said "we should make more like that".

    You seem to think that our government is doing so well with our money that we should give out more of our dollars for our government to mismanage.

    But again, the problem with Obamacare isn't the services that it hasn't started delivering, it is the enormous tax bill that will be coming with it. No one ever complains about getting more services, they complain about the prices, and we have a major problem when it comes to figuring out who is going to be paying for it. Most people know that there is no such thing as a free lunch; you seem to have fooled yourself into believing it.

    One thing I will give you credit for is that when you see the bills come due, and the clusterfuck of mismanagement behind it, you at least seem to be a guy who will admit that it is a nightmare.

    I can't wait until the same people who defended the stimulus are on here telling us that Obamacare is working...
  22. NC-Stern-Mark

    NC-Stern-Mark Closed by User

    Can't be any worse than it is right now with multi-billions of dollars flying out of the health-care system and into insurance companies pockets.

  23. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member



    Nice try! Thanks for playing ! Now run along Dickless and make sure the 75% of your worthless employees are at work and not drinking coffee.

  24. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    Someone's going to manage this be it private companies or the government. Pick your poison.

    Again though, who is managing it is much less a concern of mine than who will be footing the bill.
  25. Swishbaby

    Swishbaby Closed by User

    I suggest everyone have a conversation with their doctor(s) and ask them how they feel about Obombacare. All of mine are firmly against it and have great concerns about the future of medical care in the USA.

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