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Of course Howard agrees with Chris Rock...

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Family of Doggs, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Family of Doggs Full Member

    They're both hypocrite liberals.

    Howard acted like an asshole just like Chris did. Instead of simply saying "Although I can see how Chris felt trapped he can not going around pushing people"

    But instead Howard went nuts on the caller and ended hanging up on him. What a fucking pussy just like Chris.
  2. Purity Knight Full Member

    It was an ambush interview about Tea Party bullshit. He was nice and took a picture, and the "fan" took advantage of it so he could get book promotion. Fuck that guy and fuck the Tea Party. And fuck you while we're at it.
  3. mracc Full Member

    Liberal intellect at its finest.
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  4. Family of Doggs Full Member

    Yup just like Howard and Chris.
  5. CowboyX

    CowboyX Closed by User

    What are the quotes at the beginning of the tape? They make no sense.

    and why did you cut the sound at the end?
  6. kown Full Member

    My favorite part of that segment was when "Sharp" was about ready to burst out into tears. The poor weak-minded fool really sounded like the typical Tea Bagger. Good stuff.
  7. kown Full Member

    I love how you quoted only certain parts of the original post to suit your typically snide, shallow, dishonest conservative response. Keep up the good work!
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  8. sludge Full Member

    I can't vote, (I'm just another stupid Canadian liberal who wishes Obama was running my country) so my opinion isn't worth shit, but I do think the tea party is the funniest and most entertaining thing to happen to politics since Clinton got his dick sucked by a fat chick.
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  9. CowboyX

    CowboyX Closed by User

    Irrational anti-government hysteria can be dangerous.
  10. Sarcastro Full Member

    I have to say it's a bit surprising, given Howard's track record towards physical altercation of any kind in response to words. Sadly he continues to let his new-found politics pigeonhole his opinions.
  11. mczomb Full Member

    I haven't even heard what you guys are talking about, and looking at it from a political standpoint, I see two asshole sides. I consider myself a liberal, but in my opinion a liberal is someone open to change. When it comes to people and politics, they pick a side and stick to it. Maybe Howard and Chris are assholes, but I'm more embarrassed by the fact that no matter what affiliation people have, there's always the scott depaces.
  12. boeing46 Full Member

    Is there a ling to this confrontation?
  13. Xtern Full Member

    I love how they try to make the word "Liberal" an awful word. It's actually a complement. Liberal has a free mind that basis his decisions by rationalizing, not just going along with what a stupid political party tells you to go along with. Like a SHEEP.
  14. Worlock Full Member

    Howard is a 0.001%er
  15. turbongr Full Member

    Someone's taking a page from the Fox book of Fair and Balanced "reporting".

    Meanwhile I'd like a ling to this as well.
  16. BRUTALrc Full Member

  17. Il Gatto Full Member

    Howard's translation..."Never call out an entertainer for spewing the bullshit political rhetoric no matter how stupid we sound." Ambush style interviews were created by the that they are used against them, they can't handle it.
  18. BRUTALrc Full Member

  19. mczomb Full Member

    your still fighting back leave it alone
  20. djenkin8 Full Member

    I don't think liberals go on rants about how people should not let their children move in with them and they should depend on themselves like Howard did on Tuesday's show.I also don't think a liberal would vote for George Bush and WATCH FOX NEWS EVERY DAY like Howard does..
  21. porkerface Full Member

    I am not a liberal but I have no problem with Chris Rock getting someone out of his face who was obviously trying to antagonize him at a time when he was not being political.

    So what if he said that shit about tea baggers. They should give two shits about that asshole. I didn't know he even said it, and its typical stuff that the Hollywood set spew all the time in an attempt to look intelligent to gay Hollywood executives.

    Howard has some difficulty taking the moral high ground here because he used to send Stuttering John out to do similar journalism, but at least Howard made him ask funny questions.

    A good question for Rock would be, "Why are so many blacks on welfare?" He may counter with something like, "You know there are more whites on welfare than blacks?"

    This demonstrates a liberal talking out of both sides of their mouth without being so obvious. On one hand, liberals love to run around calling people who are against welfare racists. This demonstrates their belief that there are inordinate amount of blacks on welfare. But if the racist says he hates welfare because it's just a bunch _iggers getting a hand out, the same stupid liberal will say that there are more whites on welfare than blacks (which is actually true and so being against welfare and handouts is not racist. It's just being against subsidizing the behavior of poor lazy worthless people).
  22. gridlock'd Full Member

    Pussy? Howard answered the same question ten times! I thought he should have hung up sooner. "Howard, just watch the tape! Watch the tape! Watch the tape!" He had nothing to say. He made his only point. Oh Chris should have handled it better. Why? He's a comedian, not a politician. He doesn't have to put up with pushy assholes if he doesn't feel like it.

    I'm assuming that caller was you, btw.
  23. horizonrusted Full Member

    Rest assured that just like the rest of the world, MOST Americans view the Tea Party as a joke being played on our political system. What's not so funny is how seriouly some members of the Republican party take them. I mean what can you say about a group wanting to save the American economy even at the risk of destroying it? Hardheaded morons who put the American credit rating at risk to suit their own ends, who put a screeching halt to the slow but steady growth we were seeing until last summers debt crisis debacle. They are an embarassment to our country.
  24. gridlock'd Full Member

    And you're surprised people are on Chris Rocks' side? As opposed to being on the side of the obnoxious tea-party ambush interview fan with a camera? I think we'll all take Chris Rock anyday.
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  25. Purity Knight Full Member

    Let's not lose sight of the fact that the entire purpose he did this is because he's promoting his book. He knew it would play well with his easily manipulatable target audience. Cha-ching, well done.

    He's still a douche.
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