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OFFICIAL LISTENING THREAD: 11-16-06 Super Fan Roundtable West Coast Edition

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    West Coast Edition
    Nov 16nd 7-8PM on Howard 101

    Guests : Jessica Hahn, copter, the Hand, & Cori

    The roundtable is in LA this week & we have 4 west coast fans. We'd like to take the show out to the bar & to the fans but for this first show on the road, we'll be in the Sirius studio.

    After the show, we'll be getting drinks @ El Guapo Cantina right around the corner. LA SFNers should come out for beers. The show is live 4-5PM pacific and we'll be walking over right after. Hope to see some of you. MAP

    - Artie signed a development deal with FOX for his own sitcom, to be written into an existing sitcom, or possibly even a late night talk show. He stressed that this isn't a commitment to do a show & just a paid agreement to look at shows. What is the fan reaction?
    - Artie said on the wrapup show that this doesn't mean that he's definitely leaving the show but might mean that he's leaving in 10 months. If he leaves, who should fill his seat?
    - Artie's Sirius contract is up in January & he says he needs to talk to Howard in private concerning this deal. How will this effect his Sirius contract? Will Howard start looking to replace him?
    - What are the odds that this development deal works into a show? Is there any way he can do a sitcom & the Stern Show? What kind of show would you like to see Artie in?
    - Artie says he needs to work out some details with Dana, is he moving to LA? If so, will Dana follow?

    - When do you listen to the Stern Show?
    - With the all day replay, is the west coast feed necessary?
    - What's it like calling in to the show with the time difference.

    - Should Howard get a star on the walk of fame or is it gay?


    - The fans emailed in attacking Howard to say things like, you were too hard on Fred, too hard on Artie, too hard on Dana, too hard on China, etc. Was Howard too hard on everyone Monday or were these people clueless as to why the rest of us love the show?
    - What was he dead on right about & what was over the line?

    - Who has the thinnest skin on the staff? Who's the thickest? Why?

    - It's been years since Fred changed his name to Eric and we're still confused. Does anyone understand it now?
    - Why is it soo hard for for anyone to get to the bottom of this?
    - Why change your name and then not use it?

    MORE OR LESS: West coast edition
    - Melrose Larry Greene
    - Gary Garver interviews
    - KC
    - Eric the Midget
    - Blue Iris
    - Chuck Zito
    - Gilbert laughing
  2. james_stewart Full Member

  3. eddie the produce guy

    eddie the produce guy regular caller

    will artie leave if he gets a sitcom, oopss already up there. more grand ma caprio vs grand ma stern
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  4. james_stewart Full Member

  5. copter Well-Known Member

    :bwtd: I cant wait!!! :bwtd:
  6. JablesKG Full Member

    Forecast for tomorrow: 80 degrees
  7. Player 1 Full Member

    more gary garver interviews and more melrose larry green plz
  8. JablesKG Full Member

    By the way Mutt.. Ronnie James Dio will be singing Holy Diver with Tenacious D on Friday night.. I left you some info on tickets in the brainstorming thread in case you missed it.
  9. steve7968

    steve7968 SFN Gold Supporter


    good luck on the West Coast
  10. shaun82 Full Member

    less chuck zito
  11. Stony71 Full Member

    I'm like Blocks from that Bar... I'm IN!! [IMG]
  12. Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha

    Fa-Fa-Fo-Ha SFN Gold Supporter

    I wanna hear my boy havoc :D

    hopefully Oakland will be the next stop yo, yo, yo
  13. Halcyon Full Member

    Re: 11-16-06 Super Fan Roundtable West Coast Edition

    This is awesome Mutt! How do you determine who will be on the Round Table? Just curious...
  14. Mutt


    Re: Re: 11-16-06 Super Fan Roundtable West Coast Edition

    every week I do a brainstorming thread where SFNers help build the show

    in those threads I ask for volunteers

    thats about it
  15. JablesKG Full Member

    Mutt are you already here in LA??
  16. Case a Beer Full Member

    More gilbert laughing, Blue Iris, and gary Garver.

    Less Eric the prick.
  17. Black Sabbath Full Member

    In! Good luck Mutt!
  18. Case a Beer Full Member

    Mutt, Don't forget to hit this up before you come back...

  19. JablesKG Full Member


    Also Tommy's Burgers is a place you cant pass up either
  20. Kenoe Full Member

  21. ~Bella~

    ~Bella~ SFN Gold Supporter

  22. Kenoe Full Member

    :rolleyes: :wub:
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  23. JoeyBoots HATER

    usually i'd be getting ready to catch a train in to the city to do the Superfan Roundtable but it's in LA this week........looking forward to hearing Mutt on the West Coast with Jessica Hahn, Copter, The Hand and Cori.

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