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Ohio Republicans to once again prove their stupidity

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mr. Hole, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Mr. Hole

    Mr. Hole SFN Supporter

    Joe The Plumber Likely To Win Republican Nomination In Ohio


    By Anna Staver

    Joe the Plumber is back, possibly as a congressman.

    America's most famous (former) plumber, whose real name is Joe Wurzelbacher, is running on Tuesday against local auctioneer Steve Kraus for the Republican nomination in Ohio's newly created 9th Congressional District.

    Wurzelbacher became an overnight star during the 2008 presidential campaign after he asked Barack Obama a question about taxes. Republicans nicknamed him Joe the Plumber, and the McCain-Palin camp propped him up as a symbol of middle-class Americans.

    Wurzelbacher told the Toledo Blade that he's spent the last two months going around knocking on doors to show that he's not "a mean old Republican."

    "Not all Republicans are rich, dress in three-piece suits, and have $200 haircuts. I'm somebody who's lived from paycheck to paycheck. I'm focusing on my blue-collar roots -- I've worked side by side with union people," Wurzelbacher said.

    Wurzelbacher seems to be his party's favorite, according to the Plain Dealer. His name recognition has helped him against Kraus, who is considered a political unknown.

    In January, Wurzelbacher also picked up the endorsement of his home county's Republican Party.
    Even former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain came to Ohio in February to campaign with Wurzelbacher, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

    If he wins his primary contest on Super Tuesday, Wurzelbacher will face a difficult challenge. The seat he is vying for lies in one of Ohio's newly redrawn districts, which is heavily Democratic. Reps. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) and Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) are facing each other for the Democratic nod.
  2. R.U. Stupid Full Member

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  3. tamboozie Full Member

    Joe the not liscensed plumber
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  4. Luther Full Member

    Congressman Plumber
  5. porkerface Full Member

    Aren't Democrats the same folks who kept voting for Marion Barry after he was caught smoking crack with hookers?Aren't Democrats the same folks who gave us Carter? Kept voting for Democratic mayor after mayor in New York City wondering why it still remained a dump until Rudy came along and cleaned it up? Aren't Democrats the same dumbasses who control Detroit and turned it into a shithole? Aren't Democrats the same ones who kept voting Corzine into office term after term in New Jersey although he almosted bankrupted the whole fucking state?

    Democrats are pretty stupid too.
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  6. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    So it's Joe the Plumber against Steve the Auctioneer. I'd vote for either over Kucinich.
  7. mambojambo Full Member

    Republican retardation knows no bounds.
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  8. sir1us Full Member

    You think they're hoping this is somehow a way to bring Palin back in? Ohio Republicans would be that stupid.
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  9. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    Except that you live in Illinois Moron! Or are you just another pack of shit liar like your Fuhrer zimmie !
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  10. jigzaw Full Member

    Don't deflect. You know this isn't much different than electing Snooki to high office. It would actually make more sense to elect that dopy Fluke chick (and I bet they're gonna try) than Joe the Plumber.
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  11. Jellyfishlips Full Member

    Pitting Kucinich against Kaptur. Kaptur versus the Plumber. :speechless: I'm sure Dennis is considering his options, whether to run on a 3rd party ticket in Ohio or elsewhere. Dennis isn't going anywhere. He'll be back.
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  12. Kill Van Kull Full Member

    Joe the Plumber's popularity perfectly exemplifies the lies, dishonesty and misinformation of the modern right-wing media.

    He is the poster child for low-information Americans enthusiastically voting directly against their own best interests and for those of a very small few.

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  13. NickNuke Full Member

    Rush O'Hannibeck
    I'll make you eat your teeth
    Doughy white men

    <insert animated smiley here>

    There... Now you can respond to every post easily by cutting and pasting the above...
  14. Kill Van Kull Full Member

    Rush O'Hannibeck = is your brain
    I'll make you eat your teeth = is your fantasy
    Republitards = is where you get your marching orders
    Doughy white men = is the caption for the photo of you and your wife
    TRUTH! = is something you will never find

    Thanks Nicky!!

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  15. Drizden Full Member

    So it would be more like democrats voting for a wrestler to be governor?
  16. VacateTheWord Full Member

    Yeah, Joe Wurzelbacher shouldn't waste his time. All he has on his resume is his plumbing business - it's not like he was a community organizer.
  17. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    I know you have a weak grasp of the English language, so I will explain the contraction "I'd".

    I'd means I would, meaning I can't vote in Ohio, retardboy.
  18. BillyfrSPhilly Full Member

    Don't bother explaining yourself Moron ! You have established you ignorance by becoming zimmies lap boy. Now run along and play with your Duplos.


    "I'd means " says it all for you Pedophile !
  19. Kill Van Kull Full Member

    Holy shit Vacate, you have no idea how perfectly gullible you are, do you?
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  20. jigzaw Full Member

    He ran as a member of the "Reform Party", and defeated both the Republican and Democratic nominees. But nice try.
    That's right! If Democrats are gonna go electing unqualified buffons, then gosh-durnit, we're gonna elect unqualified buffoons too!! Yee haw!
    Mr. Hole likes this.
  21. Swishbaby

    Swishbaby Closed by User

    Tamboozie - the poster who cannot spell, even with an auto-correction device.
  22. R.U. Stupid Full Member

    Fixed that for thanks needed
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  23. bambo Full Member

  24. tamboozie Full Member

    And that changes the fact that Joe is a phony how?
  25. sir1us Full Member

    Once again facts just don't seep into these people's thick skulls, amazing really.
    Yay Joe the Plumber!! wait he didn't have a license and didn't own a business afterall? Oh well Palin likes him so yay Joe the Plumber, take that Obama!!!! Derp!!!!
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