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Olsen Twin thong pic

Discussion in 'Hot Chick Pics' started by Bob Thorney, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Olsen Twins thong & bikini & pajama photos - see all pages in thread!

    This is an unedited vidcap of Mary-Kate's thong showing from an episode of "So Little Time" on ABC Family.

    Same photo, only thong area lightened for clarity

    Mary-Kate Olsen in 'Getting There'

    This one is a fake

    More stuff at Yahoo! Group: Howard Stern loves the Olsen Twins
  2. ZerosGhost Full Member

    Woah - how many more days till 18? ;)
  3. Craig Mack Full Member

    nice nice nice
  4. OOOFAH! Full Member

    Hey thanks for the picture, ya fuckin' pedophile!
  5. Evil Dave Full Member

    Extra Nice!
    These two sure are getting hotter as each year goes by, maybe we will see a Playboy layout,NOT! :D
  6. Thorazine Full Member

    I feel so dirty, I need a shower now :rock:
  7. budaah9999 Full Member


    Sitting on park bench, staring at little girls with bad intent......
  8. Sean53 Full Member

    Dude, don't get jealous. I'm sure if you ask nice enough, he can find you one of Haley Joel Osment too!
  9. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Olsen Twins' Countdown to Legality

    Olsen Twins turned 18 on June 13, 2004.
  10. Bob Thorney Full Member

    You're welcome? :rolleyes:
  11. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Olsen Twin Are Almost Legal


    LOS ANGELES, CA —The hatch-marked calendar on the wall might look ordinary, but to John Whipple, a 47 year-old machinist from Montana, it is a reminder the countdown has begun for a glorious day soon on the horizon.
    In just over two years, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the beloved twins immortalized by dozens of family videos and 8 seasons on the popular TV show, Full House, will finally become recognized with legal consent status in more than six states, including Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Nevada. The year after that, the pint-sized pixies will be considered adults in all states and may marry with or without the permission of their parents.

    John Whipple has been counting down the days.

    "Sometimes I actually figure out to the exact second when they'll be old enough to run away from home and live with me in my cabin," Whipple said. "But that's when I'm really bored. Usually I just calculate it to the minute."

    Whipple has been in love with the pair ever since a particularly moving scene with their television Uncle Jesse, played by actor John Stamos. “I was moved to tears, frankly. Never in my life had I seen such acting talent attached to such young, nubile bodies.”

    When the long-running sitcom left the airwaves, Whipple built a shrine and vowed they would never have be without a loving uncle again. "I promised them in my letters that they could sit on my lap anytime they wanted and I would give them the kind of advice they so desperately longed for."

    Whipple was very concerned, however, that after the show's demise, the girls would stagnate and not be allowed to stretch their acting muscles.

    "Boy was I wrong. Me and a couple of buddies were watching 'Passport to Paris' followed by 'It Takes Two' one night and we just couldn't believe how they've matured," Whipple said. "We all remarked how nicely they were entering puberty."

    When asked if he would choose between the child-brides, Whipple bristled. “How can I choose between the Ashley, the precocious little one who’s better at math from the slightly taller, more independent-minded Mary-Kate? It’s just too damn hard. Besides, I don't think bigamy laws really apply to twins anyway."

    A convicted sex offender, Whipple was sentenced to 5 years probation in 1995 for rigging a video camera in a girl’s middle school lockerroom. He says now he’s not really a danger to society because he knows when little girls say no, they mean no.

    "Boy, I sure had to learn that lesson the hard way."
  12. Dan the Song Parody Man

    Dan the Song Parody Man VIP: Show Staff<br><a href=""

    Re: Olsen Twin Are Almost Legal

    "Mr. Whipple, please don't squeeze the children"
  13. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Olsen twins nude, Olsen Twins naked

    Believe it or not, these are just some of the keywords that people use in search engines when searching for Olsen Twins photos:

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    Check out my Yahoo! Group: Howard Stern loves the Olsen Twins
  14. OOOFAH! Full Member

    :rdf: ROFLMAO!!!!! :rdf:
  15. Bob Thorney Full Member


  16. Back2sleep

    Back2sleep SFN Supporter

    Possible J/O material

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG][IMG]
  17. JimGunn Full Member

    Never mind 18 years old. The Olsen Twins are sixteen. That means that they are legal for sex right now in about half the states in the U.S.. Of course, being millionairesses with adult handlers it might be a while until some lucky bastard gets in their pants.
  18. starphucker

    starphucker SFN Supporter

    how long until jude law is divorced? :D
  19. GonkRaider

    GonkRaider Closed by User

    I think they've turned in to a couple of butter faces like most twins
  20. YellowDog Full Member

    Not that you care-but I agree with you.

    These two baby orangutans grew up.They were so f`n ugly!How dare they make it.I wonder how much dick they and their parents suck?

    And they at 16 are looking weathered.

    They`ll be over the hill at 18.Oh I forgot.They have enough money for all kinds of plastic surgeries to come.In fact I wouldn`t be surprised if they already had some things done.

    It`s lonely at the top isn`t it you two 16yr.old monkeys.Cake that makeup on,and at 16 too! Too bad.

    No I`m not a pedophile. Children and sex do not go together although I witnessed alot growing up in the 60`s.These people are very sick minded.
    A child wants an adult to be and act like an adult;Little girls do not want a man to act like he`s their boyfriend.Neither do little boys want some sick old guy to come on to them.It`s wrong!
    • This user has been removed from public view.
  21. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Olsen Twins Bikini photos

    Olsen Twins bikini photos from STAR tabloid - Sept 10, 2002

  22. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Ashley Olsen

  23. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Ashley Olsen and friend

  24. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Ashley Olsen (far right)


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