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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BaddFunn, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. BaddFunn Full Member

    Right before Thanksgiving!!!

    And we're having a house full of family over.

    And our dog sheds 24/7.

  2. babybear

    babybear SFN Supporter

    what brand was it that broke.
  3. gridman Full Member

    Get a Bissell for $40
  4. BaddFunn Full Member

    Nutone central vacuum.
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  5. Tarpon1965

    Tarpon1965 SFN Supporter

    We know you were the one using it because Benham has been here all damn day posting.
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  6. babybear

    babybear SFN Supporter

  7. LonghornJ

    LonghornJ SFN Supporter

    Schmoopy is currently regretting his life decisions and is softly weeping on his sofa and coming down from a pharm high.

    He will get back to you on Tuesday.
  8. sarnfun

    sarnfun SFN Supporter

    THIS SUCKS or doesn't..lol
  9. Sig-Ne-FY

    Sig-Ne-FY SFN Supporter

    Go to Pete and Elda's for dinner and forget the vacuuming.
  10. LancelotLink

    LancelotLink SFN Supporter

  11. Benham Full Member

  12. BaddFunn Full Member

    built in blender? shaweeet

    :jj: that just might work :bigthink:

    she can't move around too much now. :(

    vile cunt

  13. BaddFunn Full Member

    unfuckingreliable, no wonder that fuck still works for his daddy. :push:
  14. BaddFunn Full Member

    do they deliver?
  15. Captainqueeg

    Captainqueeg SFN Gold Supporter

    I just bought a vacuum yesterday. Bagless, I can watch the stuff swirl about. :excited:

    When my old Eureka vacuum broke last week I cursed out Schmoopy as my representative to the vacuum industry.
  16. gridman Full Member

    My mom still has an old Eureka she bought when I was a kid..Gotta be 30yrs old or better
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  17. BaddFunn Full Member

    I always figured you could only see the dirt swirl about the first few times you use it and then it gets all dirty like a bong.
  18. BaddFunn Full Member

    It was the first time I ever installed a central vac system.

    I even stuck a port in the garage and bought a utility hose for vacuuming vehicles in the driveway.

    That's how cool I am.
  19. hhkr

    hhkr SFN Gold Supporter

    smoopy has low self esteem and is currently under the influence of countless quantities of shitty pharmaceuticals and cheap beer.
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