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on demand & direct tv

Discussion in 'Howard TV' started by dngmalibu, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Dante Full Member

    I understand it, but (because I'm one of the people who will not be able to get the service) I don't like it. But if I was him, I'd prolly do the same.

    InDemand is obviously giving him a lot of money; the show will not be censored; and it will be available to a large number of viewers nationwide.

    True, it's not as widely available as, say, HBO - but I think its roughly on par with something such as Sirius radio, in terms of availability.
  2. FUGLY2 Full Member

    Your previous tirades complaining about how Howard has sold out makes it all the more obvious that you're now nitpicking every little thing Howard does.
    Soon I'll expect to see a post complaining about the color Howard dyes his hair and how he doesn't realize, or understand, the process that it takes to create the hair dye. Here's the thing: You're becoming a Howard hater. We get it already. Either move on or take it to the Howard bashing forum.
  3. anthonycomedian Full Member

    The thing that bothers me is that MLB, NHL, WWE and what not are able to make deals with both Satellite TV and Cable, yet Howard only goes for Cable... and since satellite radio is supposed to be the future of radio, why isn't satellite tv the same thing?
  4. Sirius_Sam22 Full Member

    That's a really good point, but I believe Satellite has a lot of restrictions and limitations over cable.

    Personally I dont like the idea of Satellite and should be limited as much as possible. Same with Cell Phones... I fucking hate them.

    I remember over 15 years ago when neighborhoods were bitching about Signal Towers and all these Cell Phone towers. This shit poses heath danger and years from now we are going to see lots of people having Cancer and Leukemia type problems.
  5. Dante Full Member

    That's just the thing - this programming could be carried on DirecTV. See the short article I posted above. Its just that InDemand wants to charge DirecTV 3 to 4 times as much as they charge the cable companies for their programming.

    Hopefully that will get settled, 'cause I wanna see Howard's TV show uncensored (without having to rely on pirated internet downloads).

    I don't care about the "on demand" aspect of the programming, since Tivo makes every show that way (pause, fast forwarding, etc). They can just air the programming on a special channel, and my Tivo can record the programming just like it was a normal show (PPV or otherwise).

    If there is a certain number of hours of programming to become available each week, I wouldn't mind waiting an extra day or so for it to be delivered to me rather than getting it at a moments notice (especially if the other choice is not getting it at all)...
  6. xtc Full Member

    Asshole, before this issue I have NEVER said that Howard has sold out and in fact I'm not even saying it now. I am just upset with his decision. You are obviously getting me mixed with someone else, so do some fuckin research before you post this bullshit. There is no one on this board who's a bigger fan of Howard than I am.
  7. FUGLY2 Full Member

    Yep, you sound like Howard's #1 fan.
  8. FUGLY2 Full Member

    Quote of XTC in answering a question of getting Howard's shows on Direct TV:

    "no you cant. Thanks Howard"
  9. FUGLY2 Full Member

    Quote of XTC:
    "He didnt go to HBO or Showtime cause they wouldnt pay him as much..."

    Now you sound like Winst.
  10. xtc Full Member

    no, bitch, i am a guy who speaks his mind. I'll give you my honest opinion, if i think howard did something great, I'll say it. If i think he did something stupid, i'll say that too. Just cause you're a fan of someone, doesn't mean you have to be in awe of the guy's bowel movements, that makes you a freak, not a fan. You see, you will never be able to find something that would say that i don't like him, so you find something where I have an opinion on something he said or did? You're weak, dude...
  11. xtc Full Member

    yeah? what's your explanation then? censorship? ever watch Real Sex on HBO? They air shit that Howard won't even approach on his new show. The only explanation for Howard not to get on HBO is the money. What else? He would have a access to a much larger audience, all Satellite TV subscribers, you name it. So instead of being a fuckin follower and agreeing with everything the guy does, why don't you develop a fuckin opinion in that tiny brain of yours and give state it here, otherwise, you're just making yourself look like a follower without any opinion, essentially a dumbass....
  12. xtc Full Member

    hahahha! that's what you came up with? like that means anything???????? I am upset that he decided to go to a medium i don't even have access to cause i Have a much better set up. DirecTV! so i am upset that i won't be able to see it, so I said Thanks howard, sarcastically. Fugly, You are such an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. FUGLY2 Full Member

    I'm 'weak'?
    You know what's weak? Resorting to white-boy-wannabe-gangsta bullshit like calling people 'bitch' on message boards.
    You're being petty and pissy about Stern's decision. I pointed it out and you're being all silly about it.
  14. FUGLY2 Full Member

    I'm a follwer without giving an opinion? OK, forgive me, because i'm a dumbass, but that doesn't even make sense. Because what exactly am I 'following'?
    Stern is a RADIO show-that's the main product. What else he does-whether I get it or not, I don't care. I'm all for listening to the show, anything else is a bonus and I'm not getting all pissy by saying 'Thanks Howard' because he went with VOD and Sirius, instead of staying on shitty radio and putting his show on SAD Spike TV.

    Here's a thought though-maybe he wants to be a pioneer, as opposed to just putting something on HBO, Showtime. What exactly WERE the offers from HBO and Showtime, seeing as you're the world's biggest Howard Stern fan on here. I'd expect you'd know that
  15. FUGLY2 Full Member

    Another thing I don't understand-you brag about how you have a 'much better setup' in numerous threads, yet you can't get Howard on it. If it were so much better...
    And again-it's not like you can't get the radio show, so what are you pissing and moaning about all the time? Cry, whine, piss and moan... all over a glorified version of the E! show. Settle the fuck down and stop with the infantile name calling already. That routine is a dime a dozen on the internet.
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  16. FUGLY2 Full Member

    The thing I don't get is-if it's stuff you don't want to see, then don't pay for it, maybe other people won't pay for it, it'll be a big failure and that's it. It's a radio show first and foremost, and complaining about the VOD thing I just don't get. If there were never and E! show for the past whatever-years, then this wouldn't even be an issue.
    And as much as I love(d) DirectTV, I'm not a fan anymore because they made it impossible to hack-those fucking assholes. How dare they!
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  17. FUGLY2 Full Member

    Then I must not be a true, hardcore fan-even though I've recorded about 95% of the radio show for the past 20 years. The RADIO show. Sure, I Tivo the E! show every night but I flip through it the same way I flip through Yankee games when the opponent is at bat. It's mildly interesting, sometimes fascinating, but truth is-I've already heard it and it's not the end of the world. And keep in mind, Howard predicted Enuff Znuff to be a HUGELY popular band, so it's not like he always makes great decisions. I just don't see it as that big of a deal.
  18. FUGLY2 Full Member

    Not to mention that Kimmel is part WOP, and Howard being a (half) Jew, you'd think he'd have it made, what with his people (the 7 Jew bankers)running Hollywood.
  19. xtc Full Member

    :rolleyes: not gonna forgive you for being a dumbass. I never said anything was wrong with him going to Sirius. In fact, I got Sirius just for him! And I never said he should have gone to Spike TV, are you mental? where are you getting this shit from! I said he should have gone to a channel like HBO or Showtime. I know you must have a tiny brain, but please try to separate the posters here, ok? Your arguments make zero sents since you are arguing against things i never even said! I don't know what HBO and Showtime offered Howard, that's obviously confidential. But what I do know is that Howard said ON AIR that it was NOT about the money, it was about the censorship. It's understandable that basic cable would censor him, but not Pay Cable channels like HBO & Showtime. Thats my argument, get it through that thick head of yours!!! Pioneer? He has absolutely no clue about the technology and he is the first to admit it, he didn't even know the correct name of the company he signed up with when he announced it on air! You may be a fan of the show, but you are a weak follower, you have no opinions of your own, anything Howard says has to be the word of God to you. I am a huge fan but I do have my opinions on certain things he does or doesn't do. Maybe if you showed us that you had your own opinions, you would be respected here, obviously you don't and therefore you are NOT respected.

    Just cause I am a fan of the show, doesn't mean i have
  20. xtc Full Member

    Dude, you're even dumber than I thought. Satellite TV is obviously superior to cable, but because IN DEMAND is owned by the cable companies, they are offering the same channels to DirecTV at 3 or 4 times the price they are offering it to Cable Companies. Maybe if you did a little research, you would know that DirecTV is actually Suing In Demand because of this. Just because they don't have In Demand, and who the fuck can blame them with this kind of business bullshit that In Demand is trying to pull, it doesn't mean that Cable is a superior product. The problem i have with you is, you are arguing with me over things that I never even say, or you are 100% not even understanding the points i am making. Which shows your lack of intelligence. Its one thing to disagree with my opinion, thats fine, but what you do is you take something i say, completely misinterpret it and try to tell me i'm wrong. That proves your'e an idiot. And I will continue to name call you cause you deserve it, asshole!
  21. xtc Full Member

    How dopey is this guy??? He doesn't get why people are complaining!!! Since you're too stupid to comprehend, let me break it down for you. People are complaining about the VOD decision for the following reasons:

    1. They won't be able to get the show!
    2. Even if they do, now they have to pay for it!
    3. They are already paying an additional $13 a month for the radio, not to mention the HUNDREDS of dollars they spent on the hardware for Sirius, and now they have to pay at least another $10 or more per month to watch him.

    Most people, even his hardcore fans will not be happy about this, if you look around the board here, the vast majority of the people are unhappy about the deal, and we are his most hardcore fans, imagine the average or casual fans! no way they are going for it.

    So, does this fuckin explain it to you, retard, or do we have to draw a god damn diagram and chart for your dumb ass? :rolleyes:
  22. xtc Full Member


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