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Online Sweetheart drops on iTunes

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Mutt, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Mutt


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  2. Mutt


    Here is the controversial Tweet promoting the iTunes single on Dec 6th @ 8am during the Chuck Zito interview. We'll have to wait & see who Jon Lieberman discovers was the actual tweeter.

    2 days before that Benjy tweeted 100,000 free downloads here. It's reached his download limit. I wonder if 100k people really downloaded it or if it's more Benjy schtick.

  3. Mutt


    Here's Benjy @ the Herman Cain accuser press conference. Fuck You I'm fine.

  4. Barton Fink Full Member

    i swear i woke up this morning with that fucking song stuck in my head...
  5. Mutt


    Here's Benjy at the Anthony Weiner press conference. Are you fully erect!?!


    this video begs to question, can't they insist the the photographers turn off the shutter sound. there honestly should be a ban on it.
  6. reds ftw Full Member

    It 'drops' much like I 'dropped' a bowl-winder this morning.
    ClubBeneDaze likes this.
  7. Barton Fink Full Member

    it really is embarrassing and should not be encouraged in any way...
  8. Superdog Full Member

    Lol! Who is going to pay for a Stern goof song?
  9. ArtiesButtCrack

    ArtiesButtCrack SFN Gold Supporter

    You are truly a "Super Fan", Mutt.
  10. Worlock Full Member

  11. mrsluda85 Full Member

    I like the song and the video. I can't get over how great he looks. Go Benjy!
  12. Limo Wreck Full Member

  13. dalsh327 Full Member

    Isn't the keytar considered one of the dorkiest instruments ever made (Dream Theater and Steely Dan get a pass), more than the accordion?

    Maybe she had teenage lust for Jan Hammer?
  14. Sim Sabean Full Member

  15. Sim Sabean Full Member

    Do your dreams have Irish accents?
  16. aerostern Full Member

    All bullshit aside, fucking chick has a great body!
  17. R.P. McMurphy Full Member

    ...benji should talk to jackie so jackie can tell him how to get the song "nominated for a grammy". it sounds impressive but its not hard to get a song 'up for a grammy'.
  18. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

    Seriously? Some of you like the song? Really? You've got to be shitting us. The melody in childish, the vocals are auto-tuned to hell, and the lyrics are putrid. I dont mean to be harsh but your bar for good music is obviously sooooooooooooooo fucking low that you've rendered your musical opinions meaningless.
    ClubBeneDaze likes this.
  19. hawleys350 Full Member

    heck, I remember people goofing on the keytar in the 80's. I didn't even know it was still around until this chick came on the show.
  20. Mr Hand Full Member

    Fred's impersonation of her Minnie Mouse/Chipmunks voice was so fucking funny
  21. DaXX Full Member

    that why i dont listen to it no more cause it stick in head like that and such as
  22. Frank Snotra

    Frank Snotra SFN Gold Supporter

    Yes. When watching it on HTV, everytime Fred did it, you could see Benjy stop/pause like he just caught a quick left jab to his chin.
  23. FredsTriumph Full Member

    maybe he got bubbas [mah]"cheens" on it.

  24. R.P. McMurphy Full Member

    ...has the chipmunks version been posted? hahaha thats funny
  25. dalsh327 Full Member

    I do think that pic of Jan Hammer looks a bit like Benjy.

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